1250 Coins is worth the wait

Look i know some people are upset about the recent event of some people not getting 1250 coins. But lets be honest, scopely didnt have to do this, and sure as hell didnt have to give us rewards for this either. I think the wait for some free coins is WORTH IT!


Hahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh! Keep surviving bro


It’s 1250 coins :joy:. Think I’ll just let them expire if they do get distributed.

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what else option we hve anyways

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All due respect, but if it’s worth the wait, just watch 400 vids on tapjoy for the same result… that is, if you can get tapjoy to work.


I think it is nice we are getting free coins. I think the issue is that they were not delivered in the time frame they said they would be and most were going to use these coins to get piper or do more pathways stuff but the offers changed to worse offers before we got the coins. Most can see past the shadyness, just like being told certain leaders of teams were making hordes crash @Shawn.Scopely :man_facepalming:

You are right, free is free and thank you for the coins scopely but for me at least, it is the way things are handled that is frustrating.


Not worth the wait one bit, they gotta over the right promo first

You are right it is a nice gift. But they just had to do something to take the shine off lol


it’s not about the coins, this was the first thing they promised to do and set a dead line for and yet they failed to meet there own deadline so what hope does that give the players for all the other promises in the letter if they cant meet the 1st one


Tinfoil hat. We will get the coins just as a new promo starts. The promo odds will be way way way lower than advertised as most people will use their coins straight away. 5 4 stars for 99.9% of people.

Do they really need to be though? Just how many were going to pull a promo on a 5 pull?


Greed. Plain and simple.

selling your own soul to satan is good too i suppose…

Correct, they didn’t have to. Problem is, they haven’t. Not the first time they haven’t followed through. And therein lies the issue.

I will pull a promo. I believe in myself

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Yep 5 4*s is really worth it

Tapjoy replied and processed unreceived coins quicker than this.

Principal of the fact.

1250 is pissing in the players coffee/tea and then smiling when they give it.

I didn’t get any coins