1200 day club how many are left

Who all is in the 1200 day club


I have to admit it’s getting easier doing less.

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Just wandering through

I am at 0 days



I was watching football hanging with friends bbqing and drinking beers and totally forgot to hit the magic button. It was actually liberating to go back to 0 this was from September 19

Your pic just gets better and better Wandy :grin:

Hello my name is Parker, and I’m a 1200 days player

Could you show me your F2P pass first

Other terms that work



*Flashes F2P Pass*

Well we’ve all been there Wanderer lol

Hmmm.Pretty good.

I would’ve been if it weren’t for a cruise I took 656 days ago without my iPad. I spend considerably less than time in the game than I used to and except for the monthly pass, my wallet’s been closed so it’s been more enjoyable for sure. I’ll probably log in daily til the game ends for morbid curiosity if nothing else.

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