12 revives and 4 decaps.. Game needs balancing


none of them are FTP though, same for decaps other than tyreese


But if this is how you are counting disarm chars, then there is no disarm f2p.

If you take into account wheels, where f2p have/ had the chance to get the chars, than you have to count for decaps at least alpha green as available for f2p.


you cant really count wheels though, if that was the case you could say ericka magna HS jesus etc are all FTP as well. When we all know from these wheels 99% of people get the worst toon ever.

I got 4 red eugenes the one event. yes he is not my fave character lol


Then there is no disarm available for f2p and only ty as disarm.

You mentioned 2 disarm chars available. This is why i mentioned all 4. If your intention was to mention only disarm chars available for f2p that were even not available in a wheel by chance, then answer is 0.
sorry lucai mentioned this.


yeah its stupid. for how many prem revives have been released they should of really created some FTP decaps and disarms.

Im mostly FTP (more since since 6s) i do pulls but my luck sucks ass, ive never once pulled a prem toon, i even did 38k coins for HS michone, 60 or so pulls for that michones head and i could go on and on lol

Im co lead in a top faction so i get pulls on the wheels which include prem toons but always get dupes etc (besides i did get lucky and get violet) every wheel ive been hoping to get alpha but never do.

facing these teams with magna and 4 revives can be so annoying and makes anyone question why the f*ck am i playing this game just to have to flee every battle cos the other team wont stay dead no matter how many times i kill them lol


I agree. I have a few premier toons, but no shield and only hunter revive (who I never use). I can cope without a useable decap (cos let’s face it, ty doesn’t cut it) with two or three revives behind a shield by keeping them taunted/confused/stunned/impaired with a bit of RNG luck. But any more than that is out of the question, particularly with the growing number of revive active skills, which impair doesn’t help with anyway. It’s ridiculous.


#F2P lives matter!.


All these revives and shields are completely breaking the game. I HATE to raid now because most end in time outs and it sooo boring. One of the best things this game has is War and that is based around raiding which is now broken and unbalanced in my opinion.

But hey let’s all sign up and pay them monthly…


It is kind of a shame with all the variety of toons we have and the most common top vet setup is 2 shields and 3 revives.

All they need to do is increase the team cost in a way that only allows up to 2 of any of those 2 on a team.

So they could do a duel shield, duel revives or shield/revive combo. At least this would help return some strategic value in forming defense and offensive teams.


You mean Cross Region Loss


I went 100% f2p after region transfers, this game gone from bad to worse. Now with the crazy powerful defenders the next wave of OP toons will all be decap and heal reduction.
It’s the scopely way, create a meta, sell the meta then create the counter and sell that.
Same as it ever was and it’s only getting worse. Look at the crazy 6* now compared to the first wave of them. The OG 6* look like 5* now compared to Harper, holly, gabe ect. By new years we will have 7* lol


There are no winners in CRW, only various scales of losers lol


Im with you there sausige :wink:


We can get 2 decapapitate characters for free, be in you have to hope Tyreese pops in the depot and get lucky an pull Alpha from 5-Star Tokens

Unfortunately, Disarm is the peak of the game’s meta right now, so I wouldn’t expect to see one be widely accessable to the FTP players for a while. It’s like getting a human shield or a revive back in the 5-Star Meta


they get rid of random aspect of the fight that abso/ stun / impair on defend bring tot he fight, so your decap isnt getting stun/ impaired/ blocked by abso and wasting a turn for you, so yes makes fight faster is the appeal


Disarm, when crit (I believe), makes it so any weapons the other team has, have no effect


Tyreese is a defending revive. Having a tank on an attack team might seem like a good idea on paper, but it’s better to have a hard-hitting attack toon in his place


ezek or tyreese, test them out see if either feels better after a few raids testing him out (friendly duels if concerned about rep), if not dont feel oblige to use a toon if it doesnt feel good to you and go back old team


I meant Bruce. Any disarm is a must-have in an attack team. They should be getting top priority until the meta shifts


Any disarm will make it so a weapon doesn’t proc for your team. I’d say the more the better. Maybe test it with 2 Bruce’s in place of Ty and Shiva. You have many options going here. See what works best