12 revives and 4 decaps.. Game needs balancing


I would think by now, the company realizes that the game is going to a stuck with more revives… So, 4 out of 6 Raids end up time out when each team are all revives… There are about 3 revives to each trait, (2 alert, 2 fast, 4 tough, 4 strong) in which some are multi revives, some insane healers and some are both… Whereas there are only one decap of each trait… Also the max attack stat of this decaps are no where comparable to the max health of the revives without looking at the possibility of the bonus HP given to some revives… This unbalance toon release is so much that even P2P ain’t having so much fun getting stuck… @JB.Scopely please help tell the company to loosen up on some decaps and while at it, they should not forget to make some free ones…


Yeah its about time the free players get a shield and a decap for free…


New meta my friend


There are only 8 revives…


You’re probably forgetting Mackenzie and Sandy with revive actives.



  1. Carl rush
  2. Hunter rush
  3. Mackenzie active
  4. Holly rush
  5. lydia rush
  6. ty rush
  7. Dante rush
  8. Violet active
  9. Gabriel rush/active
  10. solange rush
  11. erika rush
  12. sandy active

if i didn’t miss a char


Nope… You didn’t miss any… That’s the 12 of em… And we only got 4 decaps in which one of em takes forever to get their AR up (blue Tyreez)…


I will refer to what @JustAPlayer stated above.


I was going to post something similar. Thank you @Goldismore

This game is so out of balance, out of touch and out of its mind, its criminal.

SO many peripheral items need to be updated to enhance the quality of game play, the more time that passes and these things are ignored, the more out of whack this game gets. Training grounds should produce trainers for the 6* cards. 1-5* cards are obsolete in primary game play, yet nothing in the supporting elements of the game supports 6* advancement OTHER THAN the micro transaction screens. That’s just wrong.


You forgot 5* blue Jesus rush


He may be outclassed as a 5*, but he is still a revive.


Not Free but some way to earn them at any time no Limited events.


Epics don’t count.
He won’t live long enough to do anything.


$coopely: well, give them an overpower decap, he/she will be the next character of the SC


True, but i still count him. Hey, make him a ascendable. Hell most people who were around to get him could use him and it would be no different than the changing of 5* eagle eye Andrea to 6*.


There are tons of 5* revives. You can’t count them until they are useable.


In the same vein it’s also worth noting there are four (soon to be 5) shields and only 2 disarm. I’m lucky enough to have Bruce, but without him I have no idea how I would be getting past Jesus or magna.


By for free i mean effort and not c o i n s haha


we already have 4 disarm chars.
michonne blue
bruce green
harper yellow
louis red


Yep we can all play Cross Region Draws now. Every battle a time out event