12 Ideas for the game that would be cool to see

Just some ideas mixed with a little bit of fun that would be cool to see in the game. I Hope you enjoy.

There is another part to this video and it will focus more so on “New Events and Revamping Events” which will be next.



Bookmarking this to take a look tomorrow. Thanks Trolly!
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This video wins the internet for the day :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Way to not discuss merging or migration. Instead you throw out there only crw rather than fixing the problem. Rivalry is fun. Not having a robust pool of players to drive that rivalry is boring.


Can we get the scavenger missions name, on our roster teams screen. This could help when we have more than 1 scavenger mission done and dont want to pull YGL

Stick it into the lower right cornernwhen you have you got lucky cooking. Easy peasy. You can even move them after they are started or close to completion. Just move the building that’s in the spot you want it in and it’ll swap places.


I will bring up merging and migration in a future video but you are right that is a big issue that should of been brought up. This wont be the only “ideas” type video :smiley:. I sort of felt ignorant on everything about migration and merging to talk about it. I thought I did see something on the forums about more region mergings happening and it would be a seemless process and we wouldn’t notice it.

Thanks for the input for the next video!

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Well I just learned YouTube has a mailbox lol. I did and responded :).

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when you do go into that, a factor to remember is people retiring from the game and not having a merger kills options to recruit new players as the player pool in general is drying.

overall great video

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Ty @Sage. I do wonder how they would handle 2 regions where someone had 2 lvl 125’s in both regions and a decent amount of survivors, etc. Would they just add whatever is in the 2 regions and just toss it in the merged region? I wonder all the type of conflicts involved with merging.

the issue is a year ago we had 8 fighting factions, 1 usually won, and the rest fought for 2-3, etc. now its down to 3 and being in the top faction even we are having recruiting issues. we need more users per region. CRW will not fix that.

given that mergers were suppose to be low + med or low + low + low, that mutliple 125 shouldnt be a major concern. allow users to choose the main realm and merge rosters, weapons and coins. towns don’t matter and neither do level

Some good ideas in there, its kinda sad how any dedicated player can easily cough up 10+ really good improvements, while the devs cannot. So please listen up Scopely!


Correct, CRW would not help this issue as I feel your region is on the extreme side of things. But if every region has a death date to it the day it is created then you sort of need both going on constantly. A new region to be created while 2 are merged into 1, a never ending cycle which could work out well. I just wonder if there will ever be a MAIN dump region WAY down the road like in Path of Exile when you die on Hardcore then your character gets sent to the dumpster on standard.

One thing that comes to my mind is someone that has good rosters in 2 regions and both have exclusive survivors in them such as Wyatt/Dwight with 2 really nice weapon mods on both of them. Would it be OK for someone to have 2 Wyatt’s or something that was intended for us to have 1 of sort of thing (at least during this time of the game?). I already have a hard enough time going against a carl lead with a Wyatt on the team and I think I would snap my tablet in half if I had to go up against 2 lol.

Thank you for the feedback so I can use this in the next video.

Dwight possibly, but people on my server have multiple Wyatts already, once due to the reset becuase rewards were dropped after the end date which allowed people ot buy a second wyatt, and also because he was a purchasable toon.

I’m a hardcore player, I’ve spent thousands on this game, i have a huge roster and weapons and am maxed. Im in the top faction on my server, I know no one that plays at this kind of level on more than 1 server.

Also about the dual wyatt vs carl, its super easy with a madison lead. wyatt is a pushover.

I can see your concern for free to play people, but as someone who has paid as much as I have i think its reasonable to allow players to say “this is my main account from this server, choose this one during merge” yes some will be lost on another server but people are quitting and retiring everyday because there isnt enough players on this server to even have 4 competitive factions anymore.

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p.s. dual zeke and dwight and rick would be the only 6* i can think of that were limited and not purchasable.

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Gotcha. Alright I think I got a better idea on this now. Thanks @Sage

since we don’t know about region merges… how about them extending the crw code, to cover all aspects of the game for 2 weeks at a time. all events and all leaderboards would be combined for 2 weeks and then end with a crw. after the crw the regions mix up again. or extend to a month and on the off-crw war, add another war mode “Free For All” where no region scores are counted and all factions are out for themselves, where you can fight anyone in your region or from the other current reigons that are currently linked.

This would happen constantly, so we would always have more people to fight… and then this also avoids any database issues as will with duplicate entries…

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