12 hr roadmap wrong time


We were supposed to have the second half of the roadmap for the people that missed it last time. Why was it ran at the exact same time Americans are sleeping?


Gear map in the same exact 12 hours as last time

Too show them how Europeans ALWAYS feel. Empathy-training.


this is true. it must be 24 hr or must start from first one’s end time.


Yeah cause 2 am finish times are real convenient for Americans.


War starts at between midnight and 3am for me every time, and then finishes at 8am monday. There’s no reason for it, i’m sure US players wouldn’t mind an afternoon start on a Friday. So, little sympathy.


This is about a road map that was supposed to be the other half of the time. Make your own European whine thread please.


Ha ha. I wasn’t whining, just saying this is a permanent issue for some players. Don’t whinge because it happens to you once.


If it started at 8 am your time I would expect it to start at 8 pm your time. Like we were told. Stop being ignorant to the original message.


Just do it now, you have 3 1/2 hours. Sheesh


@kalishane. The ultra gear map was realeased in the same exact time is was before!!! How is this fair?? When all the same players are sleeping and at work? As I understood it would be released in the other 12 hours opposite b4 to make it fair for everyone. Most Americans are asleep and off too work during this same 12 hours you released last time.


War is not a 12 hour event it’s a 2 day plus event. If this gear map was up for 2 days I could care less when it starts. This is 2 gear maps released only for 12 hours and in same 12 hour spam. On top of that we should be getting it weekly anyways so why not just put it up for 24 hours…this makes no sense…as far as your sympathy no one asked for it. We asked why again we were given misleading information. I even defended the first 12 hour road map when people complained saying they would even it out with another and it should be in opposite 12 hours…however this is over a week later, new week and instead of just giving us a 24hr map they do this @kalishane what’s up with this???


The answer is pretty simple. Keep people starved for gear and someone will purchase the offers. Instead of incentiving spending, their business model is now about forcing spending. i.e. no more coin sales.


This is besides the point. Yes I finished it but only had 3 hours to grind as I was sleeping…so for players like me who grind this map non stop for as many hours as I can 3 hours was nothing…events lasting 2 days plus does not even compare to a 12 hour road map that was done 2x!! So if you have issues with event start times I suggest you make a thread about.


I did what I could do, a time wasn’t promised.

Happy it worked for other players that sometimes miss out though! :frowning:


This is how 10% of players have it 90% of the time. So if you feel hard done by, think about that first, before telling everyone outside the US how unfair everything is.


No a time wasn’t promised but I’m glad that your happy with this. And that you see this as fair? That a gear map that should have been 24 hours to being with was run 2x for 12 hours in same exact time frame. Is this really the response? Not to mention that they could have just run it for what the 24 hours!! Theres plenty of room on roadmap why not run it?.but I’m glad that that timezones got extra gear


The gear map is ran 24 hours normally how is that not fair to any timezone???


Read what i wrote above. This game is geared towards US players 99% of the time in terms of event start/end times. So, you only had 10 hrs total to grind a map, which gave out the completion reward twice, doesn’t sound that bad. Try missing the beginning and end of every war, the end of raid and level up tournaments when you got overtaken at 5am in the morning because you had to chose between seeing it out or getting sleep. Quit moaning, it’s a minor inconvenience which has happened once in 2 years.


Lol you continue to miss the entire point of this thread have a great day and keep on surviving


I’m in the Eastern time zone, road map was up at 1:00 am and I happens to be up burning Sr fuel. I ran through the map once and got my gear then when I got up at 6:30am burned 7 cans (78 world fuel each) and salvage tokens.

Then around noon burned another 5 or 6 cans and salvage tokens.

One hour total of 12 hour map availability and I’m good with what I got.

The second half was promised and it was delivered.