12 days of christmas event

What would you guys like to see for this event?
I’d like to see an ascendable toon released every day, legacy toons.

A wheel with 5 and 6* toons, and a chance to get one each day of the 12 days


Utopic as hell, but of course, I bloody love it!

A letter to the players from Albert Wei

A playable Albert Wei character

An ascendable Albert Wei character

A crate with the 6* gear that we need (like the ones the dedicated players got)

Daily gear maps

100,000 food for every stage of every map

Tokens for every day we log on

Free spin on a toon wheel

Free spin on 4* weapon wheel

Ygl pause button so we can use it when we need to and not lock a team in scav limbo

New scav missions

And a fucking zombie turkey.