12 days collection is more designed for $$$

So 12 days and only way to get collection item is to spend $14.99 …
Thats a total of $179.88 spent to get one six star.

Now lets assume on day 12 they decide to do a 12 items for $179.88 sale on day 12

So then basically to get 2 six stars players would have to spend $359.76

Damn scopley your turning into scrooges.

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Dont fall for it, it’s a trap. Seriously peeps, it’s the holiday season go buy something nice for you friends and family. This company doesn’t deserve a dime from us anymore


Indeed ever since the survivor’s club update the game crashes too much in territories.

Andrea gate was predictable and could of been prevented. ( seen peeps who still have their Andrea 6 star maxed in faction onslaugh)

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‘‘Tis the season of giving… us your money”


Let’s not forget that the available 6* options are ivanova and Laura. I wouldn’t spend $15 for either of them, let alone $15 a day for 12 days just for one. It’s actually kind of impressive how scopely continues to find a way to one up their own stupidity.


Is it stupid tho being that people will buy this? Seems smart to me tbh, milk more money before the end of the year

most people that spend on this game have toons that are better than both of those toons already. If you make them toons that are actually relevant then you would make a lot more money. Even the deals themselves are not really good deals imo. I’m a spender but this collection will not get a penny from me.

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I guess scopely never got free presents for Christmas…they are supposed to be FREE


This “sale” is NOT!! Aimed at any og player. It’s primarily for new upcoming players that don’t know just how bad it really is. Plunder the new whales bank accounts before they catch on.

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they stuck u in with semi good offers in the first few days then bring out the crude since ur sucked in and buying

toons are outdated so it kills the offer on the start no thanks

You don’t need to buy the all the offers.
It’s not just about the 6*s tho.
There are some nice offers as well for that money.

I already (over)paid for all 3, way back when. They’ve been maxed and sitting in my roster for months collecting dust. Now their 6 star versions can collect dust in my roster

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