12 days Christmas event

@kalishane I noticed with this event that day one we get 1 bag.

Day 2 we get 2 trainers.

Do you plan to follow the song as inspiration and by day 12 whatever the extra item is will be x12?

Many thanks and I hope it is would fit the theme well

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:musical_note: Twelveeeee bloody shirts :musical_note:


I’m thinking 12 Santa tokens.

Would account for why it’s 12 tokens to pull


Can we farm todays roadmap to collect globes for tomorrow’s collection or will it reset ?

They are not removing the items from your inventory so I don’t see any reason why not.

I have overfarmed them for today

Its in inventory ? Where

The hidden one that seems to exsist for turkey legs and the likes.

U see how much overstock u have before u claim it and they ain’t gave us anything to use the excess on and there has been nothing about “excess will Be converted bla bla bla” so yeah I’m making a bit of an assumption because if they never wanted u to be able to farm it they would have just made the items different each day

I thought it said it reset each day

The collection resets and becomes a new collection.

It never said items reset after 24 hrs

Guess we will find out!

12 ethanol

Excess items from day 1 were in my museum when the new roadmap unlocked. You can farm ahead but at least for the snow globes, maybe better to get each day’s allotment, it’s ~3/4 of what you need using natural energy from one pass through the map.