12 days are getting worse

So we are on the 5th day and the rewards are going downhill fast…i think it started good regardless of the 6* pie choices.

I was kinda hoping for better and better…? To those that are currently buying daily pies…voice your feelings.

Will it get better or worse?

have to give it to scopely they played this very well, get people suckered with good offers in the first 2 days, then offer crap

they should raise the price for the last day to 1000 bucks


What would you expect? It’s there typical move over price everything for what a chance at a garbage guardian or an outdated impair blue?

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They are not rewards if you purchase them.


With a 12 day requirement, the only thing more surprising than decreasing quality of prizes is that they didn’t ironically call them ‘Steps.’


I got 1st 2.
3rd was a no
Today’s…lol. No way.

I can’t keep spending and it’s not worth it…
I only bought due to offers been good anyway…knew I wasn’t going to make it to the finish line.

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Blind scaled offering = 99% chance of being goated.

they are pretty stupid, should have place lydia there then scale it up everyday, last day make it 1k
instant win for scopely

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Don’t you worry they’ll do that just for you and give you an rng box that has a chance for Lydia or a gator.

We all know that outcome.

You can’t consider something you give $$$ to get it a reward .

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222$$ investment on 2 not so great characters. If 12th day was a ln ascendable…thats a debate

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