12/26-12/27 Faction Level Up

Can you guys change one of these days or both to a Blitz War? I mean there is going to be another faction level up just two days later on 12/29. Pretty please @kalishane


Please no… let faction LU run.


nope. Finally a faction lvl up for ages. you can change solo lvl up into blitz as many as you like.


We get multiple levelups every week and there are two faction levelups set for that week…But if you guys are good with that then


scopely scam… two faction level ups on roll… so when finally get one don’t know witch get better prizes… i bet second… ppl go all out first then second make you use money for rewards

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or they make second even more worst regardless it takes longer. and that make ppl more pissed off

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I don’t think you know what a scam is…

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read my second too…

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That’s still not a scam. Since there is no promise that one LU will be better or worse than another, having different prizes/durations for different LUs isn’t a scam. Even then, we’re bordering on subjective reasoning rather than factual since different prizes cater to different players.

normal logick would be that less time needed is lower rewards… unless twisted and want try to get lot money of it when all want go for top, and by watching what ppl use there and then adjust second level up with that data is scam, and that what scopely is doing all time

Not necessarily. With LUs, anyone can put up 1Mil in like 5-10 minutes. Whether the duration of an event is 1 day or 2 day can have no bearing. And again, still no. Even if they were to adjust the 2nd LU based on data from the first LU, there were no promises broken made that required a payment. If anything, what you’re talking about is being deceitful rather than it being a scam.

There’s a difference, just like how there’s a difference between manslaughter and murder. A more appropriate example of a scam would be, say you bought the 30 day pass but didn’t get the promised 5* Carl or the coins.

if you want to trust they are legit company for the customers that’s fine for me… but i disagree still and that’s my right as customer, even i wont give any cents to them anymore, i actually won’t care shit if they driver they own product to sever , like they seems to do, i just f2p that while because of friends i got in game, and after game ends line still goes on

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It’s perfectly fine to question every action they do, but calling something a scam when it isn’t is a different issue.

I hope some of you are happy…

my answer is the top faction and #2 will be happy

just like every event they will pay it forward as using LL’s way of doing things.

“We are here to show people what we are made of so lets “PAY” it forward.”

somthing like that, but I read is "I like to pay for things that wont actually make the game balanced and at the end of it all my Empire of Dirt will flurish!!!


I think it is so funny watching these whales spend, reigning over a dying region. Soon it will be them, all alone, playing with themselves.