12.0.1 update...what is different

so i got 12.0.1 update and nothing is different from what I can tell…any light can be shed on this?..

Wondering that myself. There are no patch notes or anything. I guess they just patched some hole that was being exploited on the build.

If that was the case they won’t release any statement.


The mods will surely be only available when thé update is mandatory and they’re sure most players have it installed.

not 12.0.0…im to talking about 12.0.1

Lmao its a beta server update i got it too

Im wonderning also… Nothing change my game keep crashing. Keep surviving :slight_smile:

i think there was a bunch of backend cleanup on mods and some patches of minor issues with mod related ui (some of which is in the mods tutorial, so beta players wouldnt see that a second time to notice the difference)

There’s also a fix where Taunted Characters might not always properly activate their special weapon effects

Those are the things i’m aware of. Generally the x.0.y updates are pretty minor cleanup/bugfix versions that we do between beta and full availability of a major x.0 release. Or if there’s a particularly egregious live bug found that needs a fix asap.

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