118 Pulls Required For Ricks Knife


Now obviously some tokens with be available from events, but it the museum tokens are limited to 100 pulls, we would then need 1800 tokens to complete the 2nd stash.

Will lower factions have access to that many, or will this event reward be hidden behind a paywall? Just askin.

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Good question

I though so.

Be a shame if a 4 week event didn’t reward everyone that grinds for it.

My guess is your allowed up to 100 in colletion then they will sell the tokens outright so you wont have to convert them in the museum. Forcing you to place high in events or buying them from the shop to finish the second stash

Just looking at this leaderboard, you will be getting token based off where your faction is and how your “community” ranks.

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Badges are in milestones for fac raid and solo lvl luckily there the first 3 only

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I don’t see myself getting Rick, fuck this event already

It is only 1st collection out of 4 (prob?)

As you can see, 8 days and 18 hours so don’t worry about 100 pulls limitation.

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ill just wait till the last day and then see what i can do


Each week is a new collection for new community badge indeed.


If it’s all levelups in the next month I’m not getting Rick. The milestones are too low of a payout