11/21/2018 the day everyone lost

Or will the players lose?

Or do we all lose?

Whatll happen.

  • Gained and Leveled Andrea - Roll her back
  • Gained and Leveled Andrea - Let her be
  • Missed Out - Roll her back
  • Misses Out - Let her be
  • I don’t care

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IMO, I don’t care. But for the sake of game balance, a roll back is suitable.


Sorry had to fix my poll text. Votes made were dropped. Sorry about that.

It’s like winning against skynet , no matter what you do, the house will win in the end

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I am one who leveled her to almost max 6* but I’m in favor of rolling back if it was an error. As long as they don’t roll back my other pulls I made today and refund all my trainers I used on her

Please explain.

Other sheilds exist behind a pay wall. So how is Andrea worse than what’s already out there?

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Agree. I have her till the end of tier 2 6* , bit this is something that will kill everyone in the game…so , rollback and try to don’t do bullshit again…wait , i forgot were we are and who is the drawer

I got her to 6* tier 3 and I’d like to keep but I’m not buying survivors club even for a month I am against it on principal so I’ll never get her maxed now…
So I don’t care as long as I get my gear markers, trainers and stuff back I’ll be ok with a rollback.


Leave everyone’s leveled andrea and just leave her gear requirements the way they were. Scopely continuously makes mistakes without doing rollbacks or compensations, they need to eat the money they just lost. Maybe then they’ll actually take the time to make sure their game is working properly instead of introducing bug/error upon error. (Im not holding my breath tho.)


Lol never made them test there game properly before lol

It’s not so much about the character, but the obvious “feature wasn’t working as intended” part. Andrea wasn’t supposed to be upgraded via normal gear, as that is one of the selling points of the subscription.

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Leave it and just make a disarm crit lead survivors club toon

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Where’s the missed out, but wanted survival token compensation option?

It’s basically just like another promo I was never gonna get lucky and pull anyway so I dont care at all. Anyone who has her would no doubt have spent to get her. Why bother with a roll back.

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Probably , the best is nerf the wanderer again. Just thinking in f2p people.


And for all the resources bought from the store in USD to level her, they gonna roll that back too? I think not!

Where’s the missed out and wana cry to my mummy and pretend that I actually have the willpower to quit the game over this option

I don’t think they can rollback the currency you bought, but they can rollback the purchases bought via the currency. If the rollback works the same as with other games, the rollback only affects any features that are solely in the game system.

Out of curiousity

were you doing the scav coin farming back in day?

  • Why was that OK?
  • Was it not even though you did it?
  • Why is this not OK given its normal game play mechanics to level and upgrade per requirements shown in game?

Note exploits in the past such as airplane mode premier pulls and airplane mode armory are true exploits. Players had to take specific actions outside of the game design (device side) to make the situation happen. This was within game per normal game functions and is just a stupid development error.


You mean, the poll is rolled Back? Interesting

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