11.0 Token wheel update?

I dont recall the elite token wheel getting updated like everything else in this list(thanks for those updates even though the token wheels were updated with useless stuff)

So can we get an elite token wheel update and 4* weapon token update? Add more ascendables to the prestige and 5* wheels even?

I know yalls update made it easier to implement updates as once said, so please implement token wheel updates and give us inspiration to keep competing for 5* tokens and pull our 4* weapon tokens.

@Agrajag @kalishane
With this upcoming update, it would be great to update the wheels again.


Yea i was dissapointed with the additions. Was hoping for some of the junk to be culled and ascendables added. As far as elite item token wheel they should take off hiking boots and stuff like that and add some legend medals, duct tapes, polishing kits, liliths, ulysees, and 6 star gear.

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Yeah, especially the Ascendance wasn’t that Great. Lori and Connor we’re great, so we’re Jackson or some collection characters like Omid or Yellow Rick, but weren’t even Close to having enougth. And characters who would be Perfect for the Ascendance, Like Yellow Mirabelle or OG Dwight we’re put in the Prestige Wheel, with a minor Chance to get them.

Yea Dwight only being in prestige wheel is really annoying considering he’s the one of the only characters I need to complete collections in the museum. The other unobtainable one is aow Jesus(only available in 30 day pass crate). So I’ll never be getting either of them lol.

Yeah I see no reason to collect these…

Pretty boring…

How long that take to build up lol

Pulled them all when they did the last update. Now I’ll wait until the next one unless I need lvl fodder.

Yeah but how long did it take to build that up fpr that many pulls? Thinking of doing that now. My single pulls have not help me lol.

Abouts a month.

That quote merits a token update, as they simplified the process he states

Another wheel update so soon is silly…

Sadly Yes. Whe had to beg and pray for months

4s Weapons and elite items deserves updates.

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Along with the 4* wep token update they should throw in 1 special worthwhile weapon to give everyone a craving to earn 4* wep tokens

Agreed. One of each trait defensive specialist wouldn’t hurt.

Yeah. They can even do it like ascendable odds with less chance, the chance may be low but at least its there and people will be happy to try to get it. Wouldn’t flood the game, would just give people another reason to want to play

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