10x Solo trophies while I was offline

Sometime between noon and 2PM yesterday, my solo trophies jumped from around 1500 to around 15000 while I wasn’t playing. Is this from participating the arena, so a defense team is in there racking up points while I’m not playing, and if so will just avoiding the arena for a day make this stop?

Depending on your time zone was it when an arena period ended so you got arena placement rewards?

Were you very active in raids and arenas before hand that possibly the system didn’t update your count and you saw a big jump when it did update?

Trophies you get for defending or being skipped are quite minimal


I’m in the pacific time zone. I did six raids around 4 AM. I ran the arena twice (before an after the daily quest reset because I was late on the previous day’s quests) and it placed me 5th for the day.

I also noticed that there’s a huge gap between the #18 and 19# players in my grouping, at 12k and 1.7k. I was worried that there was a glitch or a hack or something but I hoped that there was a more reasonable explanation (like I’m a noob and missed something)

I think arenas reset at 2pm Pacific each day. So you likely got solo trophies from where you placed. Can you screen shot your arenas main page showing where you finished yesterday? It’s 830am for you right now right?

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Well, arenas ends at 2pm PST and you get 6k solo trophies just for placing 50th so that’s why your trophies jumped so much. Arenas give big trophies so if you’re trying to drop in leagues, you’ll have to completely ignore arenas.

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Yep there you go. Placement rewards came out during this time frame and you got a big bump from being 5th.

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Sorry, real life intruded. Yes, it was 0830.

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Thank you.