10min michonne roadmap

Sooo what’s the deal with the 3rd roadmap? Some saying it popped for them n some saying it didnt? Anyone know what time it popped forthem since its supposed to b every 4hrs? Or do i just have to stare at my roadmap area all day n hope i see it? :roll_eyes::unamused:


I haven’t seen anyone say it showed up at all. At this point I’d hope someone posts screenshots if it does show up for them.


I heard its 6 waves. No screenshot so who knows if its true

I check every two hours, haven’t seen it once

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I get the a b and c ones is there more


Yea, that info was posted about it a couple days ago. 6 acts. 10 min to do them. And supposed to show up every 4 hours after that. According to the posted info I saw.

Personally I figured some of that was incorrect, but it should have run several times by now. No one I know has seen it.

It should start when the 8 hour roadmap resets, and when it’s timer shows 4 hours left. Its first run was supposed to start at 00:00 UTC, the same time the other 2 first opened. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Yep. It’s in the msg they sent to your inbox a few days ago

it last 10 minutes
u need to check every.5 minutes!


It also supposedly requires 30 balloons to open. And you get 25 balloons and collection items as the main rewards. So you actually lose 5 baloons for the collectables.

I’m fine with that if the s class items are worth it

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Im cool with losing the 5 balloons. I just want to know how the s class rewards look. Bc doing the pulls n getting 10 cakes suck😒

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I’ve been checking roadmaps all day and haven’t seen one yet.

I heard it’s 10 minutes long, no time to screenshot lol

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It’s up right now for me

Everyone is talking about this roadmap like they will be able to finish it lol 6 stages that has to be done in less than 2 minutes since it lasts 10 minutes. If its 30 walkers per wave, 5 waves or human teams with buffed stats like 30k hp and defense, you wont finish.

That is why we want to see it no one knows what it is, all speculation at this point.

It’s 1 stage but 6 waves. Very possible to do in 10 min. The michonne a b and c maps only take me 15min if i do it without stopping. The problem is catching it when it pops up. If they’re even putting it up

Probably arguing over how few items they can get away with.

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If it’s one stage with six waves, you don’t actually need to finish it in ten minutes, right? At least with all other roadmaps, if you start in time, you will receive the rewards even if you finish after the roadmap expires.