100k scavenger doesnt show up again

Hello. I dont know how many times this happend already but i got a 100k mission 24 hours ago and done. There is no cooldown and it doesnt show up again. I was aiming for top 10 this time but i cant make it with only one 100k mission . When are you going to fixed this for real.


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I had mine pop a few times since The update and it would reappear in the cooldown list.

After about 3 times I have completed YGL and now it is not showing up in the cooldown list.

I am not worried though, because this is how it has always been for me. Sometimes it would be gone from the cooldown list for a long time.

I have completed all of the gold missions. Camps lvl 20.

Just having YGL 3 times since the update was good for be. I was fucked before the update. I couldn’t rely on YGL at all.

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And again the same problem. When are you guys going to fixed this? After the level up again? No compensation at all?

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Yeah my 100k scavenger mission always awol also, i get once if am lucky and after it’s takes ages to appear again. Some faction members get it like 3- 4 times in a row before it goes in hiding, but am not as lucky. Probably mine will appear after few weeks. Just why am always low on food, gear and damn 2*, because manual level up cost me biggest part of my resources.

Guess what! Again 100k now where to be found…

You know that the changes to YGL doesn’t make it that it shows up every single time right? It can still be gone for a while.

Not dedicated enough

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Refreash your scav missions. You’ll need 2 scav camps up. All you have do is start a scav mission at both camps and then abort one of them right away. It might take a couple of tries but it usually reappears for me after 2-3 cycles.

Sorry kris that doesnt work. Tried that many times. 15 hours ago i used it. No cooldown. Tried to abort all mission. I have 3 camps up so that isnt the problem. It will show up again after the level up is done. Like always

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And you would think that they will fix it when you reply this problem over and over again. But guess what :smile: next level up event and there is no scavenger mission on cooldown or in the list. And maybe a moderator should do something about it or at least reply!

Still no 100k scavenger mission. Not even the 60k one.

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When it’s not on the list or in cooldown for me I usually have to abort 5-8 other missions and it usually shows back up again

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Must we see this every level tourney. Happens to everyone. We end up with a dry spell for a period. Way bettrr than it was.

I should not happen. Thats the thing. I want to go for level up and i needed my team ready for this war and now its not. I misted a lot,even nuggets.

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Yeah, i was getting it all the time again but now, for some reason it did not show for quite some time

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Rabun region here. This happens to me constantly. There are entire weeks go by that my 4 scav camps are constantly completing all available missions without seeing my YGL mission appearing at all.

I’ve messaged in-game support about it at least 3 times throughout this year, each time very stereotypically being told that I just have to keep completing missions - that they have absolutely no control over the frequency of missions appearing because it’s, guess what!, ALL RANDOM! LOL.

Just this tournament alone, I aborted 3 major / long-time missions that I really wanted to complete just so I could attempt aborting everything to refresh YGL, and guess what… I’m out of top 10 this event because it hasn’t appeared at all in my scav queue since the event began. Still won’t. But I would bet 9,000 coins that it’ll appear within 12 hours of the event ending - that happens at least once a month.

On the flip side, my Brantley region account has YGL available for coin refresh 99% of the time as soon as I claim a completed YGL mission. It makes no f***ing sense.