100k scav question


If I have two toons in the camp and one of them reaches max level before using up his portion of the 50k, does the remaining go to the other toon?


No. It’s wasted


I’ve had small portions cross over but you should try to avoid it


No it would be wasted. It is always evenly split between the number of toons you send. I have been able to send as little as two so they each got 50k.


Wasted yes.


Posted wrong thing!


If you are at the max level for a tier and you do not tier up before claiming the 100k you will absolutely lose the xp. It will not transfer to another toon in the 100k. Or in his case it will level to the max of that tier and he will lose the remainder. I know how to play the game.


Arguing while saying the same thing, brilliant.


Yes, thank you for pointing out that in fact, I am brilliant.

My original statement was correct, to begin with. It’s wasted xp.


I was half asleep when I read your post. I added a word. My apologies, you were correct.


All good. Same here I too just woke up myself. Haven’t had my coffee yet. :coffee:

Take care and have a good one!


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Did someone say cake? What kind? :cake:


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Also note…you can’t ascend a character while they’re on a mission. So don’t put a near max 5* in a YGL mission and then expect to ascend them to 6* while they’re still on that mission.


I thought you lost t but lately I’ve seen a few discrepancies where if I had four in, it would go to like 27k if one reached maxed so I was wondering if t changed. Anyway I was to scared to lose about 20k xp so I tired him then opened lol.


The mission itself rewards 100k which is then divided evenly to all characters.

5 people on the mission rewards 20k to each
3 people on the mission rewards 33k to each (just did this myself)


Not entirely sure how it happens but it has something to do with hitting the max level. I have seen that little extra bump quite a few times too. I’m sure someone here can explain why and how it happens. I would tag one of the dev’s but have no idea who’s department this is so I don’t want to bother them.

I do that all the time too. I will send out like a t3 near max just to get the 100k started. Then before I claim it I will manually max them out and tier them up and then get them to like t4 lv 30 and then claim the 100k. Great way to maximize the points. Good luck in the lv up. I’m sitting this one out. 200k for the badges and I’m good. Saving the Gov. for the fac tomorrow hope the rewards don’t stink.


Ohhhh, I’ve seen that reported. That’s just a display bug when you max someone.


Amen. God knows many of us have found that out the hard way