100k milestone needs to comeback and 2 part wars need to stop


This Blitz war is so far one of the worst one I’ve ever seen. First of all Blitz should only be mid week instead of on weekends, because of the simple fact that most people have way more time on weekends then mid week. Also 100k milestones need to return. I managed to get 22k first war which pretty much took no effort at all. I want to feel rewarded again and I believe it needs to return.


I’m still waiting to get into my first war. It started at 2am for me. The rewards are not great and it seems my faction it’s not to worried about it.


Looks like your team mates need to not feed points.


Two part wars did stop!!! We only got one part this weekend and that was soooo much better :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


If not a 100k than once you hit 20k it resets but that makes to much sense so it won’t happen


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