1000k xp YGL s.mission is needed

gr.scopley pls updated ygl mission in s.classs era it is impossible to max them out without trainners and only 100k xp mission. do something now plzzzzz


Should be updated but not that much lol maybe have a sclass only mission that gives more?


Guys who worked on Scav Mission left $copely. They can’t update it now.

They didn’t say it can’t be done, just that it’s a lot of effort. And this kind of tweak wouldn’t take much effort.


Would further put at a disadvantage those who have completed the 20 gold missions. That needs sorting first.


Lolz for ppl that believe scopely’s baloney.

This, 100%. While I agree that 100k is no longer enough, until the mission appears at the same rate for everyone there’s no way it should be increased.


It should be another xp mission
Only available after you complete all the gold missions

  1. Bricks and mortar
  2. YGL
  3. 20 plus gold (300k ex)
    This would be amazing, but we are talking about scopes. So, dont look for anything to happen to scav missions ever.

Idk. Maybe Scopley leaves it this way intentionally so people have to actually work to level up S class and there aren’t a bunch of maxed S toons running around. Keeps the 6* a little more relevant for longer.

Working as intended!

As a coder you know better than to say that.

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