1000 onslaught needed

Does this seem a bit much?

It is the correct amount for the moment, not too much, not too little, although taking into account new players or mid-level players or lower, perhaps it could be reduced to 800

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For me is a fair amount. Two days of event you need 33-34 wins from each player in a faction of 30 active members. We need a serious increase on cards amount.


It’s too much for the trash rewards, but easily doable otherwise

Yeah it’s doable but I think it’s pretty clever what they are doing. People will play for the small rewards and move up the leaderboard’s for their teams. Hard to sandbag when you’re trying.

I thought it was 1000 battle’s but I was wrong, every attack counts.
I jumped the gun.
I was thinking how the heck with all the times and the rounds lasting 30 min.

That’s true.

Now, obviously it will be difficult to reach if there are members of your faction who do not contribute or their contribution is very low, it is something logical :man_shrugging:

It’s a challenge but perfectly do-able. And my fac is no WOC Top 10-er.

Given rank rewards are nonexistent, if it was any shorter we wouldn’t play half the event

500 over 24 hrs for same would be good lol

Onslaught always drags

If only.top 10 woc count maybe next woc could have just 10 facs lol

There are rank rewards… I think a lot of people never consider that the onslaught rank rewards are actually pretty decent if you place high.

Shit ton of Basils, decent amount of cards.

We don’t place high.

Our rank rewards are faction trophies. No thank you.

I made a poor man’s no AR team… and points add up and help a lot lol

Would you mind sharing your poor man’s no AR team? :sweat_smile: I’ve tried a few but they are never consistent.

So far this onslaught, I’ve gotten 1-4 no AR wins every match. 1 and 4 are outliers as I mostly average 2-3.

The matches depend on a bit of luck when it comes to having payback work, but each character is there for an essential purpose.

I’m using payback Negan and Wayland. Definitely takes some luck. I had the awful experience where payback activated but didn’t kill an enemy Pete. Instead he was left with a sliver of health but gain his AR from the payback damage. Then a revive chained took place and I cried :sob:

Wayland could work. Negan is a risk because he takes more damage from rampage/Priya so basic attacks might kill him before he gets AR’d. I run Shiva because I haven’t had any luck with getting Wayland from war/event wheels, but also she can cleanse Princess’ normalize with her active (with taunt resist mod)

I run Frost for two reasons:

  1. To take agro off Shiva so she doesn’t die from basic attacks
  2. To set Shiva’s payback up for a line attack from Princess/Arrav

With regards to Pete, I use Trader’s infection and pair that with Roadie’s daze so that the only chance he’s healing from that infection is from weapon effects.

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