1000 day login streak


not sure who is still around for the 1k day login streak but just hit it today only og beta players made it there 1st


Congrats…that and 5 bucks gets you some starbucks coffee :frowning:


I made it to 1k days. :crazy_face:


923 but i am very close and maybe scopely will do a nice thing for us at 1000 maybe but also not bit it is ok i have so much fun doing this game

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Not actual “og” players my region started a month after game was released so I am not considered a og player! But just hit the 1000 day login as well.


1000 day is og not many left from from when game 1st started I didn’t start on release date I started Nov 2015. Can I get a free patient zero title for the 1000 scopely

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i played the game of rts before it was a scopley game but i forgot about it and then i remember about it and came back and it was a scopely game but i did not get a patient zero picture

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All the folks with patient zero are og.

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I thought I would get a free gift hahaha


You did. That awesome Prestige 11 crate you can see in your screenshot

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Few more days and I’ll be there.



logging in once a day is about all I do anymore.

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I’m at 1001


OG Marion player here as well. :metal:

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They should give patient zero for 1k days would be cool asf or something else.


I hit it today too


Yeah, should be some reward for hitting a 1000 day long in streak.

Make it happen @JB.Scopely


Part of thing why daily login prestige needs to be fixed still at 7 days it stops


I hit 994, then I got tired and forgot to login… Is it sad that I really don’t care? I am back to a 9 day login streak now…

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