100% towers ruin war


I am extremely frustrated with the 100% towers. I have spent years not to.mention hundreds of dollars to create the best team I can. Then Scopely makes that completely obsolete for my favorite event. Seeing faction and global chat I am.definitely not alone in feeling this way.


I agree we spend countless hours leveling up and crafting weapons and spending money to be as competitive as possible. Then you create towers that make all of that wasted time and money.


The towers for this war have single handedly killed this war. What a joke, oh cool someone has slightly faster internet with no lag, war over before it even begins.

War towers at most should be large ap when attacking and maybe 20% atk or def bonuses. War should be about team make up and player skill not who gets the tower first.

PLEASE if you are to do anything for this game, stop with the over powered towers.


“The majority of players”


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