100 raids for Halloween

We need 100 raids for the Halloween event, & no raid tournament is scheduled, is there going to be 1 before the event finishes?


Raid daily like everyone else does? Just use your natural energy if you don’t want to can :man_shrugging:t2:


Just blow 17 cans surely you have lots

Even if you use your natural energy only twice a day, that’s 12 a day, plenty of time allotted to get 100 raids in lol


Having a raid comp would be logical. I think that is OP’s point


Yeah i know all this, but just wondering if there will be a raid tournament for all those that need their region to lower to make 100 raids


To quote someone sensible on this topic…


Nice timing with the league placement event.

Except when you see how you are locked in a group with a retirement home

People still raid daily!??


Huh? What?

I just finished mine today using zero cans…

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This week is leagues placement. The harder you grind (for candy corn Burt’s) the more difficult your competition for the rest of the league season.

Sometimes it’s better to lose the battle to win the war.

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You don’t think other people will do the same? So you be weak for a week. All the other strong players are still grouped with you. Fighting stronger players will make you strong. Adapt or die.

Fighting tough competition wares you down, requires you to use more resources.
If you’ve seen anything as to prize ranking, you almost get punished for ranking high.

Remember the bucket chat?

I don’t know the bucket talk. Too complicated

I rarely raid nowadays, my attack team gets WHOOPED

I speak bucket fluently

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