100 Premier Pull reward is now half what it used to be?

The new Mercer premier wheel now has cards for a bonus reward. Instead of getting a guaranteed 5* featured toon as a bonus for 100 pulls, we get 200 cards per 20 pull. 100 pulls = 1000 cards which is half a toon.

I think changing it to cards instead of a toon is actually a step forward since some people have 2 toons already and just need more cards for the S Class. The bonus toon is worthless for them.

Unfortunately Scopely took one step forward and 4 giant steps back by only making the cards for 100 pulls enough for half a toon. :frowning:

Please give us enough cards for a toon (2000) for a 100 pull. Pretty please?


Actually some people cant afford to do many pulls so im actually ok with 20 pulls for 200 cards. However, i do know those who want to do 100 pulls might dislike this

Like I said the cards are actually great. It’s the quantity that sucks. 100 pulls used to give a toon which is worth 2000 cards. Now you only get 1000 cards and need to do 200 pulls for the toon. :frowning:

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But you have double the chances at the featured toon (first time out) ! Who could complain?
Tbf, at least this time the change was announced beforehand, if kinda in the fine print section.

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Agreed. Could have been 400 cards for 20 pulls. That way, 100 pulls still nets you 2,000 cards. That would be a change with zero downsides for everyone. But we all know Scopely can’t have that, so they had to Scopely it up


Exactly. This is how it should’ve been and everyone would be happy.

I guess I missed the memo where this was announced.

This really sucks.

You still get the toon for 100 pulls the first time the toon is released. There are positives with the new method, but being Scopely they had to make sure there were negatives as well.
Smart business move. Most SC members will be able to make 14 pulls on a particular A class whilst their wheel is up and this could convince them to spend 1500 gold for 6 more pulls to get those extra cards (although it would have been more convincing if they were 400 not 200)

Info is under limited time double drop announcement, fyi. Doesn’t matter to me, never even done a 10 pull.

Thanks. I found it. Since the title only talks about the double chances I had no idea the new bonus stuff was included in there as well. I guess you can’t fit everything in a thread title.

Actually seems that these “2nd offer” wheels are only 4 days. At least the current Mercer one is, so SC members will need to buy 16 pulls. Not as enticing.

I’m hoping this has the opposite effect that they think it will and they change it to 100 pulls for 2000 cards. I was going to pull for Mercer but once I realized I’d only get half the bonus rewards I said pass. I’m sure I’m not the only one that will not pull because of this.


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