100 Clover token vs Clover token stash

Hello guys which do you prefer the 100 clover token pull or the clover token stash? Which is better? And how many aquamarine necklaces that u will get if u do the 100 clover token pull? If possible post ur results from that pull

I am getting plenty of aquamarine necklaces from the tournaments so I went with the stash. I didn’t even bother with the 100 clover token pulls because they don’t tell you how much aquamarine necklaces you get.

doing the stash what ever i have spare will use on wheel

Yes they do. tap on the odds button.


Stash obviously. I have the means to hit milestones in almost every tourney making necklaces the least of my problems. I already got Lucas meaning I have my top priority cleared. In addition, tokens, trainers, and medals. T2ing a legend is enough so having the means to gain another legend is important.

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Thanks…still not good enough though. If it were x1,000 with a 10.0% chance and then decrease by 50 each time then maybe I would pull, but getting the aquamarine necklaces from tournaments is working out fine so I didn’t other pulling with 100 tokens. Just seems like too much tokens and they aren’t being distributed enough so I went with stash.

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Stash is a no brainer. 1 pull from wheel is 175 necklaces average. so full stash is like 650 necklaces…

Screw the stash!! We have been begging for gear so I’m going to complete every museum collection and stock up!


I see thanks guys :blush:

Post pics of your wheel pulls

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