100 Barbwires in LVL UP for Epic Dwight Collection


Will these 100 barbwires be mandatory to finish up the Epic Dwight collection?

Meaning, if we do not hit the 500K milestone in this LVL UP tournament to collect these barbwires, we will be stuck with a screen saying we’re 100 barbwire short of collecting Dwight forever and ever?

Will there be more barbed wire given out?

If you didn’t get the 150 during the SR event, you may need these.
If you have been hitting all the milestones with the barbed wire from past events, you should be fine.

I just hit 250k for this level up and I’m at 1185/1000 for the barbed wire.


Thank you


There’s a planned catch up day but idk if it’s for just the gun or if it will be for dwight pieces also.


Why risk it? Just get the barbed wire now. Who knows if they will add it again.

This is already the 2nd event to offer the final bits of barbed wire not in the roadmap. Who knows if there will be a 3rd chance. Again, why risk it?


Preach the word mountkay. I’m at 350k on my way to 500k to seal this deal. I missed out on the first level up for the barbwire milestone and I do not want to wake up on the last day of the event being 15 short. Not going to risk that. Now that I have some promotable 6*toons, I shouldn’t have this problem with the green shirt parts.


Not everyone has XP scavengers popping up quite as often as others, and some people still haven’t got a 6* and there is no way to reach 500k if you are leveling 5 5* in tier 4 with the amount of time given and XP scavenger missions not showing up enough. I finally caved and ascended Mirabelle to 6* but she is in tier 1 and I’m still sure that isn’t going to get me anywhere near 500k when I am currently at 228,071 and also this event wasn’t created with the new players in mind at all. That isn’t really a players first attitude and they are really making people push it to the limit to gain a 5* toon when just about everyone says that all 5* toons are garbage now or pretty much obsolete.


Christ it’s not just having the XP missions; it’s having the toons. We’ve had solid lvl ups for months and with ascendance I just don’t have toons to level any more. They are all maxed or locked, especially my 6*, waiting for gear.


Preach it frank


I’m stopping some leveling I could do since I know the following level ups will have large milestones that give out leather vests for Dwight. Gotta save the points to use then. And then see how many vests we get, probably have to do the same again and level just enough to get the items, and wait.


This is true. I leveled my toons slow and steady only leveling enough to make sure I get top 100 every lvl up. I feel bad for the people that rushed to max 6s for war or milestones and are now left without options.

I might have had a weaker war team these past few weeks but I rationed my leveling up enough to make sure I’ll be set to get the Important milestones.


I feel bad for me to sadface emoji


I need a quick clarifacation, will we get any more barbed wire after this level up?


Yes please, I agree. Already over the limit for barbed wires. Gimme vests so I can pair my Dwight and the gun.


Lol you’re gonna feel pretty stupid when you find out that Dwight already has a default Bow on his 5th and 6* form, so Dwight’s gun was just another freebie gun for your other toons.


Lol I know. I was trying to be sarcastic but it came off weak. I’ll just pair the gun with whoever else I ascend. Ty has a gun already. Need a new toy.


Hi you’re right. I’m currently at 860 and it has been really scarce to get these barbed wires, and you can only get 100 barbed wires from 500,000 lvl up points. So, please respond.


I hope so, new people, people who missed some events, free to plays need some love.Feels good to hear about friends getting the Epics they worked for.


Are u from pulaski?


I had to make some small sacrifices but I was getting my panties in a bunch for nothing. I made 500,571 in level up so I got all the barbed wire I need. I got it by the skin of my teeth.