£100 and completion of SR for 1400 Dayiu Cards

So it’s come back to this

Completion of SR gets you 200 Daiyu cards, they seem to be promoting this more with the extra cards.

if you were to (foolishly) spend £10 on 1/10 you get 120 cards

So thats 1200 + 200 = 1400 cards altogether for £100

Yet …
This S-class toon is still in the realms of 2 maxed 6* versions (4k cards needed) then 6k cards ontop

1,400 over 10,000 is not even 15% towards the character

Who knows what the next collection price pay wall will be up for another 1400 …

Now for super whales this is a no brainer, fools gonna pay no matter what BUT what about the others …

2 max 6* needs 2k cards each … then theres all the gear that has been strangled BUT offered in a strictly Pay as you go event

Listen, your top paying percentile (5%?) will jump on these offers/events/ purchases … no one is denying that But what youre doing here to the 95% is shunning them, pushing them to say , ill skip this event, i dont need this toon, i dont need to push in this weeks events for a small percentage of that toon … with there being no other event placed with it, you will get what is currently being spread around that this game has been boring the last few weeks and many putting the game down for longer and longer periods until they never pick it back up

I personally went in for SR to get the spiders but seeing £100 price tag for a small amount (cant collect yet) it pushed me away


Confused whales, thinking ppl like em more for spending stupid amounts of cash on 6* … few weeks later s-class arrives. Now the confused whale stops appearing in game and chat. Have to kick em.

Feel legit bad for them. They are still people.
And they need help.


You already had the 200 without paying, so it’s 1200 for £100. And I haven’t paid attention recently, but £833 for an Sclass toon seemed to be the near the going rate if you wanted the toon immediately, and it doesn’t get much cheaper afterwards if you want to buy the collectibles later. After a while though, you can supplement what you have with free choice boxes, so you don’t need to buy them all (or any, if you are willing to wait long enough).

It’s what Scopely thinks they are worth, and what some people are apparently willing to pay occasionally or regularly.

Well, obviously unless you spend heavily, you’re not going to have every toon. There’s a new Sclass every two weeks (usually, skipped one for weapons), and the number of collectibles available to most players is much less than the 10k required - 680 from torches and roadmaps, even if you include multi-week events handing out a thousand or two on occasion, you would need to win every other event or so, and that can’t be sustainable unless you are a heavy whale or play in a region by yourself. And if you do, of course you will have gear issues, because the amount of gear is designed for a new Sclass every 2-3 months maybe, not every two weeks. As an ordinary player, (generic) you’ll take what you can get, because it gets you there a couple of days quicker - 100 collectibles for any of your choice is almost as much as a full run of the torch map, compared to the usual 50 torches that’s not bad, and you get more options as well.

I guess what I’m wondering is: what were you expecting to be different? Despite all the gates and changes, all of these things seem to have been relatively consistent since about the time Laopo or Raulito came out.

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1,400 items for £100 is £714.30 for the full character.

I think this is an abhorrent amount to spend on one character in a mobile game.

However, it does actually represent a level of “value” compared to how other characters have been effectively priced.

I know this, i lumped them in altogether as the spiders do not get consumed in the museum, this is a total gathering of the museum event.

The game isnt doing too well, usually when a shop is not doing so well, they cut down on some of the high price jargon they pull … Scopely clearly doesnt and from a general consensus as i dont normally write paragraphs built on without asking others on how they are feeling, many MANY players are feeling this game is going nowhere with gear droughts, constant paying of everything once again, we had a small decent run when PC was helping out but with all the bugs and gates its going backwards again.

Im expecting this level of game to warrant players playing the game, one day you get christa or james for 1 hours worth of work, then you get something like this … it doesnt make sense

i would play this game for many years to come but its getting more and more difficult with ever increasing paywalls and convoluted events and mystery offers that doubles and triples after trusting to start spending

Theres too many gotchya moments in this games monetisation. P(L)ayers shouldnt feel cheated out of spending $10 or $250 or whatever but we do

One of my points was, that you will pay £100 for the first 1,400 items (1200 is purchasable)

But who knows what the next 1400 items will cost, the museum collection might be only this time around, they may push it up to £250 for the next 1,000 items
and i dont think judging from past offers and events i would be wrong or misleading in that assumption

Indeed. Scopely banking on exploiting the sunk cost fallacy no doubt…

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Ive gotten into that fallacy before but it doesn’t push me to spend, in fact it done just the opposite, i actually removed my card from the game for many months … it really isnt the best way forward. A games company must find a cohesive relationship with its players, not bilk them out of money in every single way…ive lost a lot of teammates and friends this way and to see it come back would be a great disservice to the game


Well, there’s always the option to just not pay. Lots of people play without giving them a cent. The game is actually pretty decent that way. You also stop worrying about offers and the excessive monetization, because it doesn’t affect you anyway. I basically don’t care anymore about offers and barely think about them. Why should I worry about the Thanksgiving event having a paid component where you can get valuable extra gear - to me it’s just the same as any of the several gear-related offers in the shop that I swipe through every day to pick up the free thing.

Gameplay’s pretty fun too, because you have to rely on synergy and tight play to win. It’s just never going to be as effective as lots of money, and especially not as effective as all three.

Yep, I’ve been thinking it for a while - handing out Christa/James and Kapoor was the biggest mistake they made in the Sclass era. At least C/J was a choice between two pretty decent characters, so it has that going for it.

Re: next Daiyu offer - they’ve made clear in the past that every Sclass will have their collectibles available for free after a while. I don’t see them changing this, it’s a core part of the design I think. I would also expect Daiyu to be the next promo, but might be wrong about that. [ETA: VK says Daiyu wheel is next]

I spend but no way I’m going this route in obtaining Sclass toons. Rather quit or skip out on these method on scopely trying offer. Very few whales would spend this way to get sclass toons

She’s not even that good. Singular that is. 2 of her is a diff story. But same could be said for 2 of a lot of the other s class characters. Not sure why a whale would buy her.

Scopely r putting hidden agents in the game to push people to spend :wink:

It’s more expensive than pulling for her with the 100 guarantee. With the 100 guarantee you are more likely to get 2 than 1. 2 = 4000 collectables.

So they decided not to run the wheel for her. Typical Scopes. Even hurting their most enthusiastic spenders.

Think her wheel is coming

They would make more money and have more secure profits if they didn’t over price items & overhaul their policies and procedures so we feel that there is good change to start reinvesting money into the game… cos alot of customers have stopped spending, which may affect retention.

I’ve just started playing a tapjoy offer game state of survivial… I can not tell you how impressed I am with the game so far (I’m only beginning, so not a vet) great game story play, always something to do that the rewards are always more than the resources, clear info e.g. they have a systems section under inbox which APOLOGISED but an event was gonna be cancelled for various reasons, HOWEVER, they will be giving our compensation in the next 24 hrs.

Every acrobat you do within game u get rewarded, in their “survival road” it’s much more fun the graphics is cool for a mobile game the zombies are sick and if u fail it doesn’t take away ur toons stamina!

The offers are reasonable, relevant to myself as a new customer, and of worth, not spend of $95 dollars for a chance of some coins.

They even and encourage customers to be mods… their clearly explained the role, have visible application process to all and do the moderation via the game and they make it clear that the mods are not employees, but bad behavior will not be tolerated on BOTH SIDES which is lacking very much in this game as their is no accountability as of yet for abuse of position.

And it’s cool the ppl that walk about in your village some times if u click on em just gives u resources, questions that whether u get it right or wrong u get rewarded, but it educates the customer on the product and a person who walks around with a help & support tag so u can click on em for excatly that.

They even have a survey section!! And and!! If u just give a review about them, good or bad, they reward you for it!

There are some very small things so far I’ve found that could be improved (less click through for certain stuff) but so far so good. It will probably rely on more pay stuff during the life cycle of a customer but so far, so good.

But yet customers are faced with paying £100 for 1400 tokens for a 7* … smh

I may do a constructive feedback post comparing the two games or something but it’s likely not to be listened too… more for the customers tho cos if 1 mobile gaming company can do it, why can’t Scopely?


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State of survival eh? I may have a look into it. Starting to lose motivation for RTS

A whale I know has every 6 star. OCD maybe?

So far they have the basics covered and more… there is alot Scopely could take from them especially with the way they have everything in game and they seem to match your requirements as you progress, it’s a build based game but I do like their explore feature and the story is cool as well… will see how it goes and if I get stuck

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There community is under development btw, it’s a newer game so maybe why, but they have alot in place for customers to be able to get info and help. I’ve not played the other similar named mobile game state of survivial or whatever it’s called which came out before and seems more established, once a tapjoy offer comes up then hell yeah!

However I must note as I’m objective, it’s a new game… what I’m happy about is their forms of communication, transparency and being apologetic about shit. How they involve community but cite to be respectful and that it goes both ways and alot of their user friendly and user educating features as well as their always being something to do that you get more than what u invested in. So far they have peaked my interested, so let’s see how it goes.

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