100.1% mirabelle wheel ERROR


Add them up…

100.1%… @kalishane @CombatMan @Agrajag

Dont pull until this is fixed everyone

Pull chance increases with pulls?

The legendary is 0,1. Fixed


:broken_heart::sob::sob::sob::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::scream: nooo


Probably just rounding, this often happens in published statistics. Usually a note is added that percentages may sum up to more than 100 percent.


Solve this issue @CombatDevIl


FFS. Rounding is a foreign concept to this person. This is not a big deal.

Most likely it is:
0.15% for legendary and 0.25% for epic


Ping the team about it.


Whos the team


That’s server side, so, team in this case is the server team.


People complain for months to get odds released
odds released
odds arent adding up to 100%
thats an issue

Rounding? “Not a big deal” well hotshot the odds are mistakenly shown, which is reason enough for people to refund if they dont fix it, so its an error. Unless your goal is to refund

Will do @CombatDevIl


Clearly it’s just rounding. Know that when the odds says 0.2% to get Mirabelle, that means anywhere between 0.15% and 0.25%. If 0.15% is too low for your liking, then just don’t pull. This is already way more information about the odds then we used to have.


yeah, I did. I meant I’m pinging. xD


0.15 to 0.2499999… 0.25 would be round to 0.3.

PS. I hate working with float because of that and the issue we cannot represent ALL floating numbers with either 32 nor 64 bits.


If anyone is interested, good illustration about floating rounding number error


Oh true, true. If we want to be really technical and exact:

P(Mirabelle) ∈ [0.0015, 0.0025)

Having to use float numbers would complicate things though too I guess.


Well, increase the odds :boom: problem solved.


Never tell me the odds. :grimacing:


Is this a serious ISSUE???:joy::joy::joy::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Are you seriously gonna pull bc in the other thread u said not to pull now ur wasting there time with this b.s…smh


You trippin dawg