10 war tokens for completion Needed


How am I soppose to get 10 more war tokens when they only appear in the shop
as obvious cash grabs 10 burts 10 bradies and 3 tokens for 7.99$

Like… can I just the tokens only? I don’t want trainers thanks…
So useless lol

Same here :confused: I need 12

haha…i need 4…

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There’s a thing you must do that rhymes with day and may…

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Lol… I love it when people answer their own questions.




I keep thinking that scopely is stupid when in fact they are geniuses. They must have made so much money off this “war stash”. Amazing.

Unfortunately it was confirmed that you now have to buy the remaining tokens if you want to complete the stash.

4 token offer appeared after i sent previous message…

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I’m missing 4 tokens but being F2P means I won’t be paying for more. (worse when coins are being taken from leagues)
Not the first time this has happened, they’re always keen on starting events but then making you pay to ‘‘finish’’. So in the end it’s another shitty ‘‘event’’ done on purpose just for that coin grab.
By now these people would have learned what makes good/great events so that’s NOT what drives them but the need to create BETTER SHOP OFFERS. That’s why the game itself is stale

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I wouldn’t say the game is stale due to offers. Many of reasons I could list but offers isn’t 1

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