10 pulls or a 40?

I finalky earned enough from tapjoy to either do a few 10s or a 40 what are peoples opinions on it[poll type=regular results=always]

  • 10 pulls
  • 40 pulls

10 pulls. Chance to get something good on the first 10 then get 30 more 4 stars if you were to do a 40, not something I would do

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I recommend the 4 10 pulls, mostly because of what @RedReaper said already.


Save your coins no one worth trying for right now.

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Keep saving for alice or diego.
Also yes at times you get a 5* in first ten. But ive gotten several 5*s in a 40 and or a 10. Its cheaper to do a 40. I always do a single before and after. Ive had most of my luck with random singles.

Yes wait for Alice!!! She’s a massive game changer!!! I got her on a 10

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Shes the only toon i actually did pulls for with real cash in months. Ive pulled for her both times and nada :unamused: so I’ve decided she must hate the other blonds in my roster so ill likely go for diego, he loves blonds and would be happy to join them


Only thing about Diego is you have to choose between his rush or his active skill in round 3. Both are needed. Alices rush already has focus in it so there’s no decision to be made

You can command him to use both.

Used to think forties were better but honestly it’s all the same. I have gone multiple multiple forties without getting the premier characters. So no… odds don’t improve with the forty.

I only do 10 pulls

Yes but then you’d be taking a command away from someone that may hit harder

Don’t need to command anyone else on turn three. They are all charged.

True with the exception of Shawn. Guess u could fix that with AP weapons to teammates

Neither… I did 2 40’s and 6 10’s for alice w/ no luck. So I say F em both.

Almost every 40 pull I’ve done I’ve gotten almost all 4*s and maybe one trash epic. I’ve pulled legendaries only from multiple 10 pulls. Just my experience tho.

wiTh tApJoY cOiNs RiGhT?¿

Which do you think i should do

ITs tHaT F2p gRiNd

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tHe MoSt F2p A gRiNd cOuLd gEt