10 pull for AJAX crashed took coins no toons added to Roster


I pulled about 4 times last night for Ajax to no luck, completed 6 this afternoon, got bradys bonus … done a 10, got 9 x 4* then a shield michonne, bradys bonus etc … done another 10 pull, the game crashed.

came back to game, the coins were taken (2200) checked the roster and my number was the same as the previous 10 pull… checked the bradys … only 20, checked the 4* only 15 (sold the 4 last night) and michonne shield, all behind benedict as i always level up a 5* so its over benedicts to make sure i know if this crashes midway through as its happened before

i promptly closed the game
switched accounts

ive sent a message to support but by the time i get the 1st initial message reply the promo will be over (7 days) only to be going through a back n forth with a bot auto reply

does anyone else have another workaround so i could possibly get them added

i have done another 10 pull on ajax after this … also finished the 10 completion for Bradys on morgan and Lydia promo too. all ok except for the Ajax 10 pull


Something similar happened to me when buying mods. Game crushed and didnt receive mods. Contacted support and they said mods where in a secondary region. Tried explaining the above but they didn’t help even when I told them to check timeline to see when I made purchase and compare it to when I accessed other region (which I did after they told me mods were there). I couldn’t even confirm I received the mods because account is Lvl 2.


This company doesn’t believe in customer service unfortunately.


that sounds very poor, sorry to hear

ive purposely not moved regions just incase of the very same happening to me

i swapped over back to my main region after collecting log in rewards in 1 other region. 2 minutes later done the 10 pull and have stayed in my main region since


if they dont fix just refund like anyone else.


if not i will try, was with Android for 2.5 years and could’nt get a refund back when i genuinely been charged twice for 1 item and only received said 1 item.

Luckily im with amazon now so may be a better company


yes me too support send me a message like… blablabla all 4* are n your rooste, don’t panic!.. blablabla

Yes you can put your gold in your ***, keep surviving


Well that will teach you not to go for a bad character :wink: In all seriousness though I hope they refund your coins.


add stun, will be fine


already started off with an expected “you had what you paid for”

currently i have done 43 pulls, and the 10 i am missing (53 in total) missing the 10 bradys as i am currently sitting in 2nd place on the level up, so im hoping to get this sorted before the event finishes


I have sent a message to the helpshift regarding this also. hopefully something can be done soon


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