10 pull basic tokens for new promo 3* Dr Stevens! Game changer?

Finally unbanned from when the SC Andrea sent the forums into meltdown. Anyways, just done a 10 pull for the new promo 3* Dr Stevens! Enjoy!


Damn, no Dr. Stephens but you did get that sweet 3-star gun. Gamechanger! :wink:


Defenitly, but sadly they’ll nerve it for sure :roll_eyes:


You’d get him if you spent the coins for the 10 pull…

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Do a 40 pull, there’s a guaranteed 3* somewhere in there. If not, contact support, I’m sure they can help out with getting that new promo :wink:

you’ll get him next time. As they say in Russia if at 1st you don’t succeed try again.

Epic Wrench OMG

so sorry for you mate
keep surviving

Noob. Doc Stevens doesn’t stand a chance against this bad boi. I never lose. Ever.

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