10% off 30 day pass but pay triple the price?




I would like to buy the 30 day pass without the discount pls!


Just wait for it to reset and it will go back to normal lol, best discount I’ve ever seen, not sure why anybody would pass it up.


Seem legit to me its scopley after all LMAO


It was $2 for me.
Really really good deal.
Dunno why Scopely can’t do more deals like this, I’d buy them up constantly.


They’re offering the 30 day paas for $1.99 to first time buyers at the moment, so assume it’s a cock up related to that


Not quite as bad, but in Australia when you go to renew your $14.99 pass it’s $13.99 despite the advertised 10% discount.

I explained it to them but they didn’t fix it so I stopped buying.

Edit: for reference, $10 US is $13.30 AU give or take so even with the full 10% “discount” we’d still be paying more than US full price


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