10 mill level up points


Can we possibly rethink this? I checked the top 10 factions in our region. We have a whole 3 players that have broke 10mill or are close to it. It’s ridiculous to keep this for only 3 players in a region. I would assume most are similar


There is no issue with having 10m milestones if people are hitting it.

The main issue is that, for lower milestones, they’ve reduced the value of league tokens etc which is properly shít


Yeah they should have made it more rewarding to hit higher milestones, rather than spread the original reward over further milestones

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Yeah I was trying to say if they lowered it to say 5mill they could better distribute the rewards. I’d say probably not even half of people are breaking 5 mill

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I’m fine with it. If players want to go all out then they deserve the rewards. If it was cut to five million, we obviously wouldn’t get the same rewards for ten million. Milestones are not designed for everybody. Obviously the ten million are designed for the hoarders/whales. I’m fine with it. 10 million doesn’t even seem necessary to get Konrad


This. People keep hitting the issue on the wrong approach.

There’s nothing wrong with a 10Mil milestone; it is 100% optional(Unless its poorly designed to where getting multiple 10Mil milestones is needed for collection) . No one should really have an issue with it. The main issue is that the lower milestones were increased along with the release of the 10Mil milestone.


No reason they can’t do this. The new format already shows they can have loads and loads of milestones. Personally though, my issue is not the distribution but the fact that the rewards have got significantly worse when compared to the former milestone set-up.


Whilst league tokens per million (early on) have reduced, they are now more widely available (across raids, survival road etc).
That coupled with some previous points means, for me, we have the balance right.


Or course they could have added the leagues tokens to SR and Hordes without reducing them in level ups…


I want to see just how long the same people can continue to put up 10 million twice a week.

Something tells me the global homelessness rate is going to be on the rise soon.

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Scopely van der Linde
We just need more money and then we can give more stuff.

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We used to get a lillith for the 2million milestone. Now we have to get more than double that. I agree with offering higher milestones but not to the detriment of the lower ones. The majority of players would struggle to hit 4.5 million.


I feel accomplished. I broke two millions but the rewards are shit.

My accomplishment has been in vain.


Difference is, Dutch had a plan.


Why would that even be an issue?


Because they are pouring all their money into the game for gear and trainer deals in order to hit 10 million twice a week once they blow through their reserves, duh. :smirk:

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I usually got the 2 mil milestone in lvl ups. But for these I don’t think it’s worth it to push for more then 1.5


Same here - I just stop at 1.5M. Why on earth should I put up another 1.25 million to get one Ulysseys?
This is the worst reward structure ever seen!


Not only that last 4 day lvl up I only got one 100k scav mission and 0 60k