10 days without Xp mission (is that reasonable)

why do I have to wait weeks for Xp mission, I think it’s time for a new system, let’s say you get one 100k xp mission each 3 days minimum or something like that

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Everyone should get 1 every 24 hours. Period.

Is it reasonable, no. Will it be fixed, no.

Sorry, this has been raised many times, apparently the legacy coding makes it difficult.

Not sure if it’s possible to add a feature to our Towns, maybe a new training ground where we could send any toon for 12/24/48 hours, however long & once finished each toon added receives x amount of XP, the longer you send them away the more xp they receive.

Would that be possible?

If we could have one of those instead off the 4th scavenger tent I think the whole community would hail you as the new messiah.

edit, think I’ll add this as a new thread.


I like your style, :joy: :joy: :joy:

Off late the XP mission has been going missing for a week continuously, while some others are getting it 2-3 times during a level up.
This creates a highly un-even field of level play and some thing urgently needs to be done about this :frowning:

I used to get it once a week or more, then something changed where on some level tournies I would get it 3 times in a row with a week lag, then 3 times in a row again. Now lately it’s been back to once every week or more again.

Surely they cancel missions like crazy, and when they appear; probably 1 in 1, there are certain missions that must be run and not to touch them … they have been playing for more than a year and they still do not notice it

I don’t think so. Scopely specifically said it’s a bug and last I heard there was a fix to it but I guess the fix didn’t work.

The only condition is that you complete gold level 10 for it to start showing up now. After that is is completely up to rng whether it shows up or not. Completing or aborting missions has nothing to do with it. It’s all chance.

The old exploit of not completing gold missions so it would always be there is what was removed in the “fix”.

As you say after the mission level 10 gold begins to appear, but you have a limit of quest missions in your building, if you cancel missions that you should not be stuck in and the 100k does not appear, not by bug, it is only because you have blocked the slots

You can’t control which ones go into the queue on cooldown. YGL is completely 100% random. I talked to a dev about it and the best they can do is perhaps try to reduce the cooldown timers on some missions like cheers so it doesn’t get stuck in the queue for a month. Apparently, its old legacy code and there is not much that can be done with it.

it’s not random, I always have the mission of 100k, maybe one or two days at most do not show up but never more than that time, so your argument is totally invalid, they will not “fix” something that is not bad, if not all people would complain about this, it is a small population that has this problem and it is totally the fault of you not of scopely,
how is it going to be totally random if at the end of the mission of 100k that has 12 hours of cowldown or a small amount of gold, but if it stays stuck that time keeps running, and when it appears it does not show 12hrs if not 10:54 09:30 etc

You couldn’t be possibly more incorrect. I spoke to a dev about it.

People are always complaining about how it disappears for weeks at a time. Search the forums and see how many threads are around the disappearance of the 100k.

I’m gonna guess you did not do all 20 of the gold missions as each one introduces a batch of more worthless wood missions into the queue. This makes it harder for the 100k to appear.

The 12-hour cooldown has nothing to do with the chance for the 100k to reappear. Sometimes it will be in the queue right after picking one up. Sometimes it will show up a couple of hours later that’s why you see a timer with less than 12 hours on it.

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i haven’t see YGL in a week. it’s getting pretty fucking stupid.

Been working fine for me don’t see a reason to get one every 24 hours , nonsense

So since its working for you screw everyone else. Nice attitude. Way to show empathy for your fellow players.

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Why would it only work for me ? Sorry i don’t see a valid reason for wanting this mission every 24 hours … just doesn’t make sense I also want a lot of things doesn’t mean I get them , lots of flaws in this game however for ME this isn’t one of them

Then don’t run a 100k every day. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean there aren’t others who would like one. Some people like to send out their 4 stars for ascendance instead of having to waste resources on them.

How can you have contests where some people get it all weekend long and others do not? Kinda makes it hard to have a fair and balanced event this way don’t you think?

Once again look up the definition of the word empathy.

complete all the golden missions, I have 4 scavenger camp lvl 20, and I repeat you again canceling missions that you should not cancel.
I keep saying there are few people who have the problem.
When you cancel a mission, some jump and another one appears, but there are some that are stuck in your camp with their respective cold down. I assume you have not noticed … I have a list made by me of which missions I should leave running and which ones I can cancel so that the 100k appears, so that totally “random” does not go for me or the majority

I think you just have to improve your thinking a bit and see a little more, the 100k mission appears with fewer hours because although it does not appear in the slots of the camp, keep running, behind all those missions that you have in the camp … if it were at random this would not happen … quite simple, right?

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At what point did empathy begin to define itself as giving everything the others ask because they want it?

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