10+ crafts not a single crit hit

Anyone else experiencing this? Has the odds for getting a critical hit on weapons been nerfed? Or is it my non critical f2p’s fresh presto 9 bucket that has this kinda fate. Bamboozlement to infinity I am. GR, please take it to the team you must!

PS: Wayland should have bodybagged Earl for his shady practices.


I’ve not seen any noticeable reduction and have definitely hit a few crits since the armoury update

Edit: this has been 4 star crafts only.

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Same. Non Crit finishes on every 5* craft with the rare optional parts and territories. 8 so far.


Last 4 attempts were for huge AP on attack and all 4 craftings end up with large AP on attack. Even if they messed up their famous RNG again, it won’t really matter because they don’t play their own game, also we as customers cannot get a look into the real hard data of how this all works behind the curtains. So, no real way to prove anything.


Same :confused: large ap 6 times and coupla normal successes on stun attempts. No crits. No 5* crafts tho, armory isn’t lvl 20 yet

Seems like it ain’t broken but surely feels nerfed, provided i only craft after we take crit terries

Thanks for the replies folks :sparkles:

3-и захода на улучшение эпического оружия 4-го уровня.
с шансом 80% на критических успех.
И ни разу не было критического успеха.
при этом три раза выпадало одно и то-же.
Такое ощущение, что из 8 вариантов выпадения работает только один!

Похоже критический успех в арсенале для эпического улучшения неработает.
Остальное в обычном порядке

3rd approach to improve epic weapons of the 4th level.
with a 80% chance of critical success.
And there has never been a critical success.
at the same time three times the same thing fell out.
It seems that out of 8 options for falling out, only one works!

It seems critical success in the arsenal for epic improvement is not working.
The rest is normal

Same, i can say 9/10 crafts without crit success. It wasnt like that before update. 80% crit chance and most of the time normal craft :confused:
Didnt try 5* yet, only 4* special stats and ap bonus

Tried 2x new mods and both failed to crit w both tts n parts. Not just that regular huge atk/def ap wont crit either, only normal successes. Its way hard to get 5* crit parts and with this mess, armory is more like $$$ well

Yeah pretty sure they nerfed ap crits to prolly 0.2%<< wouldn’t have made this thread if it wasn’t fishy tbh.

All those 5* gobbledygook will be worth doodoo if odds for crit are non existent.

Not gon tag GR and others cause this feels intentional… working as intended lool

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Scopley math. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use to get crits pretty often (but not the good ones). My last four crafts in months has been regular.

Feel for you bud, hope they increase the odds. It’s disheartening to see it turns to cack after efforts of taking crits, using items and waiting for days

Now that 5* crafts are out they’d at least be lenient with the 4* ones.


Same here

Sorry to say bud, but its been goin on for quite a while now…

Come on FFS @GR.Scopely do something about this, pretty please with sugar on top!

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I have had the same outcome, although I also haven’t done any 5 star crafting/mods yet. I have had better luck with crits since the update, although it’s a relatively small number of attempts so it could be a statistical outlier.

Even with 80% crit chance, took 6 tries for huge AP. I think the percent shown in the armory is bogus.


I believe it’s broken and it’s really bad for 5* weapons due to three extreme lack of crit item availability.

The % displayed is not proportional to the progress bar.
I think Scopely uses the progress bar, not the 80% of chance as displayed… And it’s very sad… :sleepy:

Im 7 for 7 in huge ap crit fails since 5 star weapon release. Shady scopely tactics i reckon.

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No worries, you’re going to see next CRW plenty of people with teams full of OP weapons. :wink: