+10% chance to lvl AR territories doesn't work

Please fix this problem, I have almost 120 4* characters Ar lvl 1 and I need some points in lvl up

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What do you mean it doesn’t work? Just to make sure, it’s actually 10% not 10 percentage points. So the base AR up chance is 0.04%, the territory gives 10% of that extra, so the probability is now 0.044.

To now get the chance to get at least one AR up with ten characters, you need the binomial distribution. The probability to get at least one success is the same as 1 minus the probability of having zero AR level ups. Plugging the values into the binomial distribution, we get

1- Pr(0; 10; 0.04) = 1 - 0.6648326 = 0.3351674; after rounding 0.34, the value that is displayed without the territory.
1- Pr(0; 10; 0.044) = 1 - 0.6376449 = 0.3623551: after rounding 0.36, the value that is displayed with the territory

(Some may be wondering why you only get a probability of 0.34 on 10 characters if a single one gives you a chance of 0.04. Remember that you can also get more than one AR up with 10 characters, and that takes away some of the probability mass. In the long run, you can expect to get 0.4 AR ups with 10 characters, or 0.044 with the territory)

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Assuming the numbers in your set-up match his situation, your set-up is correct :ok_hand:

Lol, I have a question did you ever take the contrôle over one of those territories before the update,
The chances was able to reach 66% if you use 10 characters .

I believe it was a visual error that was brought up a while back. I actually did some data collection in that regards and the success rates were definitely not as advertised.

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