10 Bucks for Ascendable Carl and Mirabelle


Anyone else get these?..

EDIT: I noticed how it says look at 5 Star Carl’s leader skill, yet he does not have one?..


Amazing considering Carl was 49.99 a few weeks ago… basically a free Carl for buying a five dollar coin pack. Desperate much.


tbh thats a pretty good offer. you get an ascendable and coins too. Nice job Scopes


maybe the people cutting back their spending is getting to them they’re throwing out these deals


Considering it said a welcome offer it was probably slyly meant for new players and someone misclicked. Carlgate anyone :joy::joy:


Yea. It says “welcome”. Another offer geared for new players and another error. Nice scope.


Jeez, this is just to mask offergate lmao, you really eat up everything scopely throws at you, right?


Best thing ever! I’m so glad I didn’t pay for Carl few weeks ago I’d be so annoyed 2 years and never got him


Da fuq u talkin about?


I see you defend scopes a lot, is all.


weren’t they both added to the list of toons available through ascendance?


Dunno, they aren’t useful anymore though…


False statement.


I am neutral.


Eh, I kill them fast, Carl is just a raid dragger, Mira dies first turn.


I feel nothing?


Hold up


Could also be them trying to offer everyone the same offer not just the newbies. been playing 2 years and i got the offer on my main account.


Exactly why you shouldn’t use Mira on defence. Was talking mainly about Mira on offence