10 Benedict's for survival club members

Any one else not had this offer?
I am a subscribed member of survival club (not a trial) and have yet to have this offer appear in any of my regions I play in (really want it on a low level region so I can ascend a character).
I have contacted support who very flippantly say to collect it when it appears in my offers section and if I don’t before the end of the week, I will not be able to be awarded them. I get variations on this response every time I speak to them.

How can I collect the offer if it doesn’t show up?

Any help would be great. Thanks

It showed up in my offer section with a 24 hour timer on it on the 11th or whenever it first started. Is it possible you missed it the first day? To me it’s very shady if the offer was only valid for one day. Not out of the realm of possibility with them.

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Cheers for reply, but no been watching like a hawk for it since announced, and nothing. Definitely wouldn’t have missed a 24hr cool down one.

In some of my regions, I had to sit in the region for a while for it to pop up.

Also, my timers sometimes popped up saying ‘expiring soon’, and I would have them pop up in other regions still two days later.

thanks, have had this suggested by support also, have stayed active in the region farming and raiding for several hours at a time but still no offer pops. Getting annoyed with the copy paste bot responses from support to now. Thanks for the help though.

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