[10/18] Solo Survival Road Rewards


Forgive the untranslated rewards but it’s 10PM and I have an hour drive home!
I will do by best to translate them tomorrow!

Kindest regards,


  • Governor “Road to Survival #2
  • 6 T8 Gear Bag


  • Morgan “Road to Survival #2
  • 4 T8 Gear Bag


  • 10,000 5-Star Recruit Tokens
  • 3 T8 Gear Bag

11th- 100:

  • 5,500 5-Star Recruit Tokens
  • 2 T8 Gear Bag


  • 2,500 5-Star Recruit Tokens
  • 1 T8 Gear Bag
  • 1 T7 Gear Bag


  • 750 5-Star Recruit Tokens
  • 1 T7 Gear Bag
  • 1 T6 Gear Bag


  • 1 Survival Road Energy Refill
  • 1 Legendary Drug Kit
  • 250 Elite Item Tokens


  • 1 Weathered Journal
  • 1 Topographic Map
  • 500 Elite Item Tokens


  • 1 Long Coat
  • 1 Night Vision Goggles
  • 1,000 Elite Item Tokens


  • 1 Wool Beanie
  • 1 School Bag
  • 1,500 Elite Item Tokens


  • 1 Practice Dummy
  • 1 Legendary Trainer (Lilith)
  • 2,000 Elite Item Tokens


Hi, thanks for the info, do you know what Gov and Morgan they are?


I assume ‘T8’ means 6* t4 gear? Like canteens etc?


so we went from good 5 to few trainers and tokens?


Road to Survival #2 for both!


Love ya work xox


so red one for gov and green one from war?


Decent rewards, I can’t complain


Would that be the fast one armed Morgan in SR? Or is it just a misprint and it’s actually green command morgan?


hqdefault (1)

If anyone has a HQ screenshot version of the Morgan, I would appreciate it.


Ah, forgot he existed. Don’t see him too often in my region.


I’m thinking the same thing! I assume it’ll be 6* t4 gear


Shane was on her way out so I changed the title, hopefully it’s more clear for time zones where it is already “tomorrow” :slight_smile:


Gear bags are with gear like Practice Dummies, Tripods etc. And the other bag is either a radio or watch


Thanks for posting the detailed (and decent!) rewards. Nice to get the info here before VK has posted screenshots.


Hi Mick, how are you? Any idea of the start time ?


6* t3 gear in the bags


2pm PDT according to VK


Hi Carla, I dont have that info but usually it will start at 5:00pm EST / 2:00pm PST. *Subject To Change


While there is still tons of room for improvement, these are a step in the right direction at least. Wish the milestones were a bit better, elite item tokens are always disappointing.