10.000 medals .... go go go!

Still 12 hours to go.
I want these 10.000 medals.
How are you doing in level up?

Some people are tryharding way too much for this when we have 27 days for it. Then again I’m not surprised.


Yes but if you play 1 time hard you have it . I need the 10.000 for Yvette than i can rest lol


12 million in my region


He will be on super sale in sd next time it flips for u… Lol

Yes, but there’s only the social notion that the first few LUs will be plagued with extremely high scores. If someone wants first, getting it in the mid of the event is ideal to use less resources.

That’s the plan but depends on the region.

for a Yvette? or Jeremiah?

Yikes out dated much :stuck_out_tongue:
27 days of pretty lame level ups in my mind lol.

All the current formatted tournaments are Yikes.
Underwhelming i’m almost considering taking these
next tournaments off hardly really interesting.

It was already a little boring with the 3 level up with same prize.

This is pretty boring.

Though Yvette as a prize is enjoyable.
Jeremiah is cool also.

Mhmmm, not convinced this is gonna be much fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve scored 500k and basically called it a day. I’m not in a hurry to have a other ascend that I can’t 6*


Not trying .You can get Eric fairly easy and with these Stat increase not sure if the other 2 old ones worth it.

Yvette if you don’t have her I’m still running kate out there as my top yellow healer. Also the 10 mill kills it you all know level up is right after this right

Meh im not going 4 1st place now mayby when event end or sooner.

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pretty sure scopely gonna make it hard if u want both eric and yvette (for ftps) and 27 days is not that much…but enough for 1 or maybe 2 if u want yvette and jermiah

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Doing OK

Just need Jeremiah from the collection.

Anyone else remember Scopley selling him for $100 around this time last year?

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have Yvette and Eric so i will slowly scrap those 500 into 8k to get Jeremiah

Good luck with buying them :slight_smile: