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Update 10.0 [Feedback Thread]

30 mins in nothing has showed up on my device.


Maj ok but What change ?


Did the update. Roadmaps look the same.


I checked GPS minutes after redownloading the Amazon version because it said there was no update for it. After a few minutes, GPS said that the Android version had one.

What kind of backwards, parallel universe did I suddenly come upon to that the Amazon Appstore has anything first?


Updated and everything is running smooth as of now lol


Nightmare mode will be availiable as map? I mean like the gear map, there will be a nightmare mode one?


Hmm mine look different – there isn’t a new V2 roadmap yet (waiting for majority of players to be on the new build.) But – visually they should look different!


Small question, I noticed my radio maps are in the story roadmap section and my radio section has no maps. Have they just not been changed over yet?


I’m guessing this might have to do with these roadmaps being current on the older builds as well so it probably doesn’t have the new info setup to sync with the new roadmap UI.

Will check!


Okay, I figured it was something like that. It’s not a huge deal, just a small visual thing. Was just curious, thank you! :blush:


I have still not recived any updates…


First run of 23-8 with a bronze token

  1. The premier wheel is gone when I updated unless there will be a update for it to come back (Would hate to see someone wanting to pull for michonne and not able to after the update).

  2. No sign of any of the new game modes like Nightmare.


Premier wheel has been gone for a few hours


Here is my attempt with a silver token (Seeing that screenshot inspired me to do that one lol)

My god 85 people lol. I cant stop laughing.



As we begin to reschedule roadmaps – they will appear in the right places.


mine with a bronze…


Love the new update guys!


Thank you so much! :blush::heart: