1 Week Lvl up free

There’s a challenge for you scopely. With the lack of gear and everyone struggling to stock up on trainers and training camps, give us 1 week with NO LEVEL UP

What people think?


Why don’t you just skip them?


I think I’ll be quite annoyed if I need to level up someone and have to wait a week or do it for no extra rewards.

People used to wait for levelup events and toons would sit on the bench, sometimes for weeks, as they hoarded and waited to maximize rewards. Running levelup pretty much constantly means you always get rewarded for leveling up your toons.


I like my torches. Plus I end up over stocked in roster. I’d rather hit 500k and get torches and clear space in my roster rather than get absolutely nothing for it. Using world energy when having an over stocked roster always feels such a waste. I suppose I could always level up toons to the limit before they go up a level in preparation for the next level up but that level of micromanagement would drive me bonkers.


Exactly. You just make use of a background level up to work on your roster. If you don’t feel like going all out and need to save on gear, just stop at the “reasonable” milestones (for some it’s been 2.1M when it still rewarded a Benny, for some 800k as the last Torch rewaeding milestone, some might quit after 100k cuz saving resources) and be done with it.

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Yeah I think I’m going to go ahead and keep leveling also.

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cant cope with out level ups if anything I’d want more I’m stuck in the loop of needing to level my toons to get league store tokens to get more gear to level more toons the cycle repeats


Its easy,scopely need create new events ,its easy to do but scopely do 90% of paid things but day a day event they dont make anything new

Sid do you mean a week free of faction level up? Or level up in general

People also used to beat other people to death with rocks, or crucify them.

Just don’t level. You don’t have to do 3 mil every lvl up.
Do 100k and you still get some rewards. What’s wrong with that?!


This all day. if you need to save up, LU is voluntary and can be easily skipped for a week.

Personally I like the ability to level up when and how I want and be rewarded for doing so.


Exactly - we don’t want to go backwards in either one of those scenarios.

Gotta echo the majority vote here too…

As @LadyGeek said way back when were less frequent you ended up waiting too long.

Effort takes to lvl up sclass I’m glad got excuse to be constantly lvling em along side lower toons too… means hit basic 500k milestone for torches and some reward whilst prep for one want to go for and faction event.

Agree with majority too, amount of level up tourneys is fine. They need to update tg’s and lu scav missions to Sclass era, so its not such a ridiculous resource sink.


They still do. Luckily not anywhere close to where I live…

Screw that, i’m still leveling up these Doc’s!

Yep just plodding along prepping 500k and stop

It would be nice for 2x the raid events instead of lus each 2 weeks for Armory tokens

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I already get genuinely annoyed every Sunday when I have toons to level and there’s no level up so I have to wait a day!