1 solution to keep everyone happy

Having followed the recent players united movement and the obvious need for Scopely to make money from their product, I have a simple idea that could make everyone happy and it’s really simple…

Make every toon available to every player, f2p or p2p. This is actually really easy to do. Why not make an ascendancy level that requires a maxed out 6* and x amount of other toon that gives a completely RANDOM 6*. Also put EVERY 5*, including ascendables, in the 5* token wheel.

This may seem like a players dream with no upside to Scopely but here is where the money is there to be made.

Flood the market with 5s. Weekly roadmap that awards a spin of a wheel of 5 NEW 5s, 1 that is ascendable, to saturate the market and lower the odds of a top character being pulled. Then create a ton of legacy characters, not as great as the promo pulls but decent enough to get players off your back a little. Again, this saturates the market and makes the odds of the premium toons appearing from ascendancy much lower.

The result… Every player has a chance of getting any toon released. It is an incredibly small chance that will take a ton of grinding but will give every f2p and low spender a chance of getting top toons. Whales will not stop spending. Their odds of getting toons through this method are so small they could not stay at the top and will still look for the promo toons.

New legacies are there. Ascendancy is updated. New roadmaps exist. Tokens are relevant again. Grinding is worth it. F2P have a chance (though small) of getting anyone and the game is exciting again.
This will mean more people actively playing the game which will increase Scopes income from Tapjoy. A player that uses melee attack but flukes Josh is then more likely to pull for a new Ranged lead skill etc.
Player base happier and Scopely happier. Really easy.


The problem is the super secret RNG, it can’t include all characters so they would need to change it often. The problem is as we all know changes, like fixes only happens every couple years.
And with the hundreds of new characters old ones are not worth the time.


I’m no programming expert but surely it could include all 5* characters and simply add all new ones to that database? The old ones are not worth the time but the very small chance of getting a new character would be. It would be far better than the current situation of any half decent character being completely unattainable without spending.
Of course if you made it only good and relevant toons in the wheel this would cut spending which is not an ideal solution for both sides

The one time they tried messing with RNG, it spit out all 5* characters, I forget that gate name.

Or one tin hat theory was disgruntle worker who left the building in style.

But in all honesty ask yourself this, do they have the talent of workers on this game. If year long bugs can’t get fixed?

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Agree with that entirely. I really think though that the biggest problem causing the divide between players and company is that toons are literally impossible to get f2p. Not saying my idea is perfect and really have no idea how to program it, but to execute something similar to it would make a lot of people very happy… and back spending :smirk:

This doesn’t seem simple it logical in my opinion. There is no way to make everyone happy. I don’t care about premium exclusive characters existing. It’s when multiple come out per month with no effort towards free.

1 simple solution, add a new f2p non legacy to five star tokens each month.

It retains being rare and can make money off selling extra five star tokens to non hoarders. It also is available to anyone.

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The problem is that a legacy can never be as good as a promo. If they were then the players stop spending and the game stops existing. This is the simple reason for the gap between f2p and p2p.
Most very active f2p already have all the the top free toons but not even a slim chance of getting anything better which makes playing the game pointless. I have won multiple tournaments, but every milestone etc but my team has not changed at all in about 6 months so may aswell have not even played. This is a big problem for Scopely.

I think that is a myth.
Only up side to keeping them separate is more money can be made that is till the majority stop playing and paying.
Only time it’s good is short term. Problem like we have now is we are into long-term stretch. Once you build a bad rep it follows you, even new games that short-term gets shorter and shorter. Only way to have more $=to original is charge more or skew odds.

Money has to be made though. I don’t blame Scopely for that, though their prices are ridiculous. The issue is that active players have literally ZERO chance of getting anywhere without spending whilst whales would be furious if they spent £1000s only for f2p legacies to come out that beat their team.
The best solution surely is to make it possible but really really really hard for f2p to get these toons so that they have a reason to actually play whilst ensuring the spenders can still get ahead by throwing a bit of cash at it?
As much as I hugely support #playersunited, the reality is that Scopely are a business and need to turn a profit. They need to make every toon available to us all,rather than just give everyone op legacies to play with, and keep us all here grinding every day.

Just quit the game

No chance! I still enjoy it, as does everyone here otherwise they would not play it. I used to be highly competitive and spend way too much but realised the great new promos were soon not so great.
I’ve moved region to find more active and happier players but all regions seem to be the same disgruntled and bored players and I’m just putting an idea out there that could change that.

They should make money! The problem is in the way they chose to go, they went with short-term. So they wiped all players money spent with a reset, added 6*s plus other add-ons, problem is many didn’t bite. So only way to =$made to before is skew odds, charge more, add more but the pool spending shrinks. Again to make that money they promised investors was a endless pot.

Why would you say that? Only way to get money or time spent value is to keep playing.
Why wouldn’t players want better value while doing that?

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Again I agree. They messed up badly and continue to do so. But the realism is that they will not change their ways and that every decision they make is entirely based on short term profit. Seeing posts on here asking people to give them coins, great legacies, better prizes etc are not going to happen as this doesn’t give short term money to Scopely. My idea might.

The truth is that they (like every other business) will always try to give the impression they care about their customers etc but really they want your money. I will never spent £100 on a pull again but if the ascendancy idea happened I Amy spend the odd 10/20 to get new toons/gears/cans to help with it

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I agree with you also. Many ideas should be added or seriously looked into.
In all honesty I have been involved with the game since damn near day one, so admitting they made me and countless other realist,. By realist it is that they won’t do anything.
Only way to stay happy with the game and company is to expect nothing, in the rare case something is good take it as a win.
I don’t try to come off as negative but sometimes I do.

I know that feeling! Sadly it is becoming a bit pointless for most of us. For all I have grinded and won tournaments etc, I’m still using command Glenn as I have been for years lol. Feel as though I could have just put the game down for that long and come back today and been no weaker. Really hoping this does change soon with the playersunited movement and any little change to give motivation would be highly appreciated.

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False … Marvel strike force is proof that every toon can be obtainable by f2p, yet still be a top grossing mobile game. They even made it so there are no dupes. So all this they wouldnt make money etc is a lie.

Read closer… my point is that Scopely WOULD make more money by making every toon available to all

Not sure Scopely need an excuse to lower the odds of a premium toon appearing…

Haha true!! What I mean is that instead of having 10 characters in a wheel but all at different odds, have 200 in a wheel that are all 0.5% each. You may get some rubbish or may get a top toon. Probably at least 20 top toons so rather than a 0.5 chance of anything useful it is actually about 10%