1 s-class a team, no duplicates and b/b with rings

Cant we make the game not more fun and based on tactics with allowing 1 s-class (since we passed that bridge already and no way back) and no duplicates in a team. Im getting tired of fighting 3 zachary’s. Now i cant even bleed them to dead cause of the rings extra health so bleed teams are out of business soon. Isnt it an idea to also higher the bleed, burn statts together with the rings 《- also a passed bridge we cant go back to.

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One revival per team OK
One sclass? NO

They should set the no duplicate thing soon, been addressed a tons of times

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Why not?Nobody asked for S Class.


u cant turn back something where people have spend money on. but we can minimalise the problem a little bit.

Nobody asked for 6* - now using
And so on.
So we should stay at 1* and keep surviving? :slight_smile:
Game needs evolving, I have so much doubled, tripled and quadrupled 6* that I need to convert em in sclass or trash em.
Also Scopely is not charity company and needs money to keep servers and employies.

Nobody will remember 6* in 2020y

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Nobody asked you! You don’t even know him and he didn’t ask for your opinion!
How’s that? :sweat_smile:

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The no dupes thing has been said since 6* came out, and has anything been done about it. The fact that everyone has said it and Scope hasn’t stopped it should tell everyone that its gonna continue to happen.

The no duplicate thing wont ever happen it will cost them money cause the junkies wont be able to spend to get 2 or 3.

Will u be refunding people that pulled dupes because, why not?


It would be super easy to fix.
Just make his team value be one more than other 6stars, then up the value of all maps/battles to 131… Problem solved

Will never happen. They will lose way too much money. Next idea.

Admit they’ve broken something good and turn off the lights

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Haha. Yea. People are in denial. We are at a reset. That’s the only way to go from here. Basically it’s like using five stats against six stars soon. The stat difference between five star and six star is way less than gen 2 to S Class.

They aren’t going to stop pumping out s class. You can’t release toons like these without resetting the game.

So the value in producing 5&6stars is what?

Again, remember that day they further bumped 6star stats… stats are likely still going up on S-Class.So it’s no holds barred peddle to the floor power-creep/greed.

Who wants that? (Besides shareholders)

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Might be the end of RTS, slowly for surely.

They can do it. It’s already a thing in arenas.

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That’s my point. There is zero value in producing toons like Zhu. They have destroyed that. It would be like them making a five star without it having an ascendable counterpart in the six star era.

They should just rip off the bandaid. We know they are bringing out more S Class. So it right then. Make legacies, league toons and event toons S class and do it right this time around instead of like the first reset.

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i hate S-Class but no point in this suggestion

About duplicates, I agree. 4 Zach team is not strategy, is MONEY
They are rewarding ppl which spent, even they are dumb

Lol at the fact ive been saying this stuff for awhile and people are just now like ok this is a reset lol wait till we get s class shields, decaps, zach, dr stevens like s class toons, some tried to say “its only leaders!” Or other things. RTS is just used for milking for other projects like star trek and looney toons, guess some just want to be in denial.