$1 Offer For New Players

This offer is completely not fair to people who spent thousands of dollars on this game.


I’m F2P too, but damm that’s pretty tempting.


It’s a buck for three pulls and some cans. I don’t say this very often but it’s worth the gamble. Go for it.



I need that offer

Seems legit

Meanwhile on my garbage offer list…



Ah nothing so far, tempted for the world refills alone tbh

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If i spend one dollar it might lead to more spending so im gonna pass but it is very tempting.

Wish i had that offer lol


I don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem real to me.

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I got this offer only on low lvl regions.

I wish it was fake becuase it’s not fair for people who spent thousands of dollars trying to get these type of toons and then people get them for $1.


Now people can get Disarm Michonne and Erika for $1. Ffs


It looks like they’ve decided to sell gear from now on.

wrong wheel. the erika and michonne are on the 3 year wheel. this is the RTS wheel that has yellow ty, richard, harlan, rick, connie, kelly, but also 85% at 4 star toons.


Look closely at the token

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Ur the first one I’ve seen that got it in main region. Everyone else I’ve seen only got it on low level alts

I stand corrected. look at that. I just opened my alt account, in Cullman, and i have that offer too.

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I am writing this on behalf of Gilmer region.
Not single one of us in my faction maybe even in top factions that has received this offer on our main accounts. Majority of us have been spending on this game- we find it unfair that someone who can spend literally thousands can have a same or weaker team as someone new who can spend a dollar or a £1 and receive premium toons such as Erika or Magna…
Several of us contacted support in hopes to receive an explanation.
I am also pretty positive that this isn’t fair and is most definitely breaching some kind of policy or law. All players should be allowed to receive the same offers especially when they are so beneficial.
Once again hoping to hear from scopely soon.


wow. i do not spend a lot on this game, and maybe it was the whisky i had earlier deciding for me. but i just spent the 99cents in this region i only use for gathering coins. my first magna!

and apparently, the no duplicates code is not working for this wheel.


see my post just now, i got magna, and don’t even have her on my main region. wished i did too.