1 more reason for striking

So we started with pulling with a low chance to win.
Then you need multiple sucessfull pulls like Pete.
And now on top of more Pete like pulling, they try to make the pulling like chain smoking. You pull for 1, they get u going for the next toon, so the chain never breaks



I remember when there was no collectibles and you just got through a difficult map and earned a toon


That’s too simple for scopely. They feel the need to make every collectible event convoluted and full of bs.

No more!


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Marvel strike force is proof that giving away characters for free and still being a top mobile game earner can exist together. 99% of every character is 100% f2p obtainable. Now getting them to a 6 or 7* requires p2p and even then most times thats just to shortcut the couple months of grind to make that character strong but every character is obtainable f2p and can be leveled to being useable within a month by f2p…

Best part is they give you updates of upcoming events so that you know exactly what you should be saving stuff for.


Yeaaaaaaa but that would be like giving everyone the five star version of every toon with making the ascension P2P lol.

Theyre useable and sure p2p has the strongest version but thats fine as long as f2p has a useable version it doesnt matter … F2p wanna play and have a good experience and p2p can have the stronger version and play at that higher level its a win win which strike force has mastered big time

It would be more like 6* max t1 vs t4 max if i was to break it down in rts terms and the thing is as long as your active youll get the character maxed out too but like i and many others have said countless times the point of paying is to skip the line, speed up stuff … This whole bc you spend countless dollars you shouldnt be able to be beat is the biggest crock of you know what in this game by whales… Its a game and supposed to be competitive - no matter how much you spend you shouldnt be unbeatable

Gambling. This is all this is. Give them a little reward and the spenders will keep going, the “next” pull will get them want they want.

They are addicted.

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