1 Million food apology ... for which foul up?


Or is this for more than one? There are so many possibilities they really need to reference this stuff.


For the raid event? Where the 2,400 trophies milestone was 100,000 food instead of 1,000,000


But why give it to everyone then? I even got it in the low level accounts I’ve started to scout destination regions, I didn’t do any raiding with those.


Why does it matter? Why question it? It is a kind gesture. Maybe some didn’t raid to 2,400 BECAUSE it was only 100,000 food. Idk man, i appreciate the gesture and 1 million food isn’t gonna change the game


It annoys because it is yet another example of the stranglehold Scopely has on game information. They sent out a message with it, could they not have taken 60 seconds to provide a scrap of explanation? Perhaps this is instead to apologize for all the territory related crashes. Or perhaps all the SR related crashes. Or perhaps for the candle/cake leaderboard display issues. Or the decision for weekend blitz war instead of the CRW which was due. Or perhaps for the split war format. The list of possibilities is exhaustive.


And all of them are a stretch


Food bags are useless since the gear depot imo.


It’s free.


taping my screen one time to collect a million food, vs 30 times while i am trying to sell gear and buy food is much more preferred, imo


I see it’s easy to give out food but not the 3 offers for $36 total for 12 pulls on the anniversary wheel.



Scopely could give everyone a free Erika and it’ll have to be one dude on here log on and bitch that she wasn’t free enough such a entitled generation


I hit the milestones in the raid tournament. I had no idea why they gave me the food bag. I was happy with it. It’s free food and I’m fine with that. My two cents, for what it’s worth.


Huh… a mistake made in the game resulting in everyone getting the same compensation. Now… if only there were other examples where this didn’t happen :thinking:


Food as a milestone is the real cop-out.


It the 3rd year anniversary apology, it specifically equates to 1 food per ScopelyGate since the games inception :+1:t6:


Man. The people on this forum.

If I gave you a million bucks you’d probably still find something to complain about.


They fail to give the same milestones; you complain. They give out apology gift/ milestone reward; you also complain. Way to enjoy the game…


Another mistake by Scopely. Compensation or not, these incidents show clear lack of skills and competence at Scopely. While this did not affect me again, clearly something is amisss. We all make mistakes I get it, but the volume of them speaks loudly. Get better DEVs, now!!! I’m sorry I have to be mean about it, but come on man! Put a better product out, or I won’t be the only yelling at Scopely for every time the a compensation. To me it seems like when I get one of these I say to myself “awww what they screw up now” is this how you want to be remembered Scopely. Strive for better guys!!!


I thought it was a way to say sorry for the SR rewards they included in this round.


This game is such a lose/lose situation, its no wonder @JB.Scopely hides for days on end…

Players cry when they don’t get stuff
They cry when stuff doesn’t go their way
They cry when stuff happens too slow
They cry when other people get stuff they don’t
They cry when they get free stuff
They cry when Scopely tells them too much
They cry when Scopely doesn’t tell em enough

All those tears create a flood…